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6 Baby Keepsake Gift Ideas

Baby keepsake gifts are personal and sentimental gifts for your baby. They are beautiful reminders of your baby’s first few days, weeks and months and will be treasured by parents.

There are some keepsake gifts that you can give to an expectant mother for her baby shower, but some keepsake gifts can only be given after birth since you will need to wait for baby to arrive to complete the gift!

Baby keepsake gifts are lovely mementos for parents and will hold a special place in a parent’s heart.

Here are some lovely baby keepsake gift ideas:

6 Baby Keepsake Gift ideas

  1. Baby Birth Chart and Horoscope

The birth of a baby is a momentous occasion which will be celebrated each year for as long as your child lives. Why not capture the baby’s time, date and place of birth by creating a personal horoscope for baby that is calculated using the exact constellation of the stars at the precise moment of birth?

You can easily create a child horoscope by date of birth online and it will make an amazing gift for a christening, birth or birthday.

  1. Newborn Photo Shoot With Canvas Print

Capturing those first few days and weeks of a newborn baby is super precious and taking great photos of a newborn is not always easy.

Research and find an amazing photographer that specializes in newborn photography and gift the expectant mother a newborn photography shoot and include a large canvas print to make it extra special and easy for mommy to be.

  1. Birthstone Necklace or Bracelet

A birthstone is a gemstone that represents the month or star sign of someone’s birth. There are many legends and about the healing power and therapeutic benefits of birthstones.

A baby birthstone jewelry gift will be a gift with lovely symbolism and is something that can be kept as a keepsake for many years to come. It can even be passed on from generation to generation as a family heirloom.

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  1. Baby Footprint and Photo Frame

There is a reason why baby hand and footprint photo frames are so popular, what better way to capture those precious first moments than to create molds of your baby’s tiny feet and hands?

This gift also gives you a beautiful item to display in your home where you and others can see it every day.

  1. Baby Hair Locket

A baby hair locket made with resin and of course baby’s hair is a beautiful baby keepsake gift for any parent or grandparent.

Baby’s first haircut is a milestone that can may occur when baby is a few months old or maybe even a few years old.

It is customary for parents to keep a lock of hair from that first haircut. Some parents stick that lock into a baby memory book and others keep it in a baby memory box. Keeping hair to create a baby hair locket will create a beautiful baby keepsake gift that can be on worn and on display rather than tucked away.

  1. Personalized Keepsake Box

There are going to be many little things over the years that parents will want to keep for their baby and its best to keep it all together in one safe place where they won’t get lost or damaged.

Gifting a new parent with a personalized keepsake box with baby’s name and date of birth is a fantastic idea.

  1. First Year Photo Frame

There are some beautiful first year photo frames that has a frame for each month of baby’s first year – this will make a beautiful memento as well as a stunning home decor item for a new parent or grandparent’s home.

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  1. Baby Memory Book

Baby memory books provide a place for parents to record all those precious moments of baby’s first year. Each baby memory book is slightly different but they all have places for baby’s family tree, birth information such as weight, length, time of birth and place of birth, baby’s first smile, baby’s first word, baby’s first steps, baby’s first hair cut and many more exciting milestones.

  1. Personalized Story Book

There are some beautiful personalized story books on the market – the cutest one that I have seen is a story about the night or day of baby’s birth that starts off with “The Night *insert baby’s name* Was Born…*

Reading is a great way for parents to bond with their baby and its never too early to start reading to your baby. Having a personalized baby story book that you can read to your baby will create lasting memories. This baby keepsake will have fond memories attached to it for mommy and baby.

  1. Breastmilk Jewellery

Breastfeeding is another amazing bonding experience for mommy and baby, one that provides the nourishment and comfort that baby needs during the beginning stages of life. Creating a breastfeeding keepsake from mommy’s breast milk not only makes for a beautiful piece of jewellery but creates a memento of those special moments.

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