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6 Amazing Water Sports That Are Beneficial For Health

Visiting the beach is a fun activity for the whole family. The parents can relax in the sun while the kids jump around in the sand and water and enjoy themselves. If there isn’t a beach nearby then, a swimming pool could also get the job done. But apart from being fun and exhilarating, water sports are also quite beneficial for your health. They can improve your stamina, agility, balance, and strength. Water sports are also a great workout for the whole body. They can have many psychological benefits such as stress and tension relief. So, here is a list of fun and healthy water sports that you should participate in this summer.

6 Amazing Water Sports That Are Beneficial For Health

  • Swimming

Swimming is a simple yet extremely beneficial watersport. Packing a picnic, gathering the family, and going out swimming to a beach or waterpark can be a fun and memorable experience for the whole family, but apart from the fun, swimming is a full body workout. Almost all of the muscles in the body are used while swimming. Swimming especially strengthens the arm, shoulder and core muscles. Cardiovascular health is another factor that is improved greatly through swimming. Those people who want to take the benefits of swimming to the next level should start doing it competitively.

Competitive swimming involves covering distances of at least fifty meters or more with many different styles. Overall, swimming can be an equally entertaining and healthy sport that can be enjoyed by the entire family. The best thing about swimming is that you don’t need to go to the beach for that, if you have a swimming pool at home, you only need to go as far as your backyard. You can also go to a country club or hotel that has a swimming pool.


  • Kayaking

Kayaking is a sport that has become very popular recently. A kayak is a small boat for one person only, and the paddle used in kayaking has two blades. This sport can be both calm, soothing and meditative or exciting, exhilarating and a full body workout. If you row the kayak slowly and smoothly in calm water, the results can be quite therapeutic. It can be a great way for parents to relax and relieve the tensions of their daily life. On the other hand, if you want your kayaking experience to be fast and exciting then you need to paddle hard. Paddling a kayak requires high upper body strength, and it can tone your arm, shoulder and back muscles. It also gets your heart rate up and can significantly improve your cardio and balance. (Here is a link that can help you plan a kayaking trip)


  • Surfboarding

Surfboarding or surfing is an excellent sport that combines both excitement and exercise in a very cool way. Surfing can be a great activity for kids especially for those families who live near beaches. Surfboarding works on a wide range of muscles. While you are paddling in the water, your arms, shoulder, chest and back muscles are trained and exercised. And when you stand up to ride a wave then your core and leg muscles come into play. Surfboarding requires a lot of core and leg strength to stay up. Surfboarding also improves the balance and agility of the people who enjoy it. Getting your kids into surfing can help you, and the kids get away from your stressful lives in an exciting way. And if you take your kid surfing, then you are definitely becoming the cool parent.


  • Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing is another exhilarating and adrenaline pumping water sport that is becoming very popular and can be enjoyed by the whole family. Kitesurfing has an age limit of fourteen years and you need to take lessons to learn how to maneuver the board before you can kitesurf. Kitesurfing eliminates the need for paddling, but you still need to hold on to a kite and use your arm muscles to change the direction of the kite. While balancing yourself on the board improves your leg and core muscles. Kitesurfing is an excellent and exhilarating family water sport that you should try this summer.

  • Synchronized swimming

If your kid is into dancing and gymnastics and has a flair for showmanship, the synchronized swimming will be the best water sport for him or her. Synchronized swimming is a great sport that combines the skills of swimming, dancing, and gymnastics to create elaborate moves with precision routines in the water. The sport is open for both genders, but usually, girls are more into the sport. Kids as young as seven can start a non-competitive program and can work their way to a competitive level by the ages of twelve to eighteen. Synchronized swimming is a team sport that is very beneficial for children and teaches them discipline and teamwork. Synchronized swimming can do wonders for your cardio and can be a full body workout as it involves many activities including diving, dancing, and swimming.

  • Jet skiing

Jet skis are like bikes for the ocean. Riding a jet ski is one of the most fun, exciting and cool watersports in the world. Now, of course, if your kids are young they can’t ride a jet ski by themselves but riding with your kid on the back seat can be a great parent-child activity. Jet skiing is an excellent and fun outdoor activity that has numerous physical and psychological benefits. It can be a great way to relieve stress and tension and get away from the hard routine of your daily life.

Floating among the waves can be very peaceful and meditative while going on a fast and speedy adventure with your kids can be extremely exhilarating and exciting, and it can be a great relief from the tiresome schedule of your work week. So, this summer you should make a plan to go jet skiing on the beach. It will be an experience of a lifetime

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  1. I recently went for swimming lessons and i feel so much more empowered! Wow what a work-out! I’ve always admired watching my kids swimming and always told myself that oneday i will go for some lessons. I am not sorry that i went for lessons. Now we can challenge each other in the swimming pool and even in the open waters. I went surfing with the kids about two weeks ago and i must tell you, i felt like a kid again. I haven’t gone into the open sea waters in years because i always think about sharks lol. I am also getting myself a surf board soon! Great way to connect with the kids.

  2. My boys have a pool at their school but they are so afraid of the water. When we go to the beach they are so much more comfortable. I try to teach them that swimming is good for you. You have showed me so much exciting watersports that i will definitely get them interested in 1 of these sports. Thank you.

  3. Wow! I feel like skipping out of work and going for a swim now! 🙂

    While reading this post I realized that I should really try and get my son to become more confident in the water. We’ve postponed it for a while now, for he battled with year infections. The doctor suggested that we don’t get his ears wet as the grommets will be affected and the infection may be worse when that happens.

    We tried earplugs, but that doesn’t seem to work for him either.

    I’m not the best of swimmers myself but do enjoy playing around in the water. I think my favorite activity would be kayaking! This is so therapeutic and boy-oh-boy what a workout you’ll get.

    My husband goes kayaking quite often with a friend. They usually fish from it!

    Lovely activity ideas! Especially for this season in South Africa!

  4. These are rather informative.
    When comes to swimming I can’t, the husband is an excellent swimmer and has taken the hobby since his childhood, he used to be heavily asthmatic and then started swimming.
    I have sent my son for swimming from 3 years he was thrilled for first few lessons and once they started the face dipping, I know there is a proper terminology for this just not quite sure what it is, he refused to go back to swimming classes.
    I have enrolled him for Soccer this year and the instructor also does swimming classes, she did advise me to leave it to her once she wins his trust over from teaching him soccer she will gradually introduce him to swimming again.
    Am hoping will be a success 🙂

  5. Betsie Labuschagne

    I just absolutely love swimming! And so does my daughter. We introduced her at the age of 5 months to swimming and she goes swimming whenever we do. Most of the time she cannot wait to go swimming. Something we also love to do, is go fishing once a month. It is totally new to me, but so enjoyable and also a good workout for the arms. After a day fishing, you do feel the effect of catching the fish the next day. It is a great family activity and also relaxing, spending a day out in the outdoors.

  6. We have a very big swimming pool. It is big enough to swim lengths. We did not want a swimming pool, but it came with the house that we bought for a bargain so now we have the pool. Currently we hardly ever use it though, because we covered it for the safety of our girl who is now two years old. It is such a nuisance to remove the cover so we only remove it when we have family or friends over. When our girl is a bit bigger and water save we will remove the cover and I look forward to all the fun we will have in the pool.

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