50+ Of The Best Parenting Hacks Ever

I love these parenting hacks videos that always give awesome solutions to problems that I am encountering in my life with my kids and family.

My favorites from this video are the cardboard dividers for the car to separate kids and stop them from fighting in the car, hiding sweets in veggie bags (this will help with my husband too), the empty box with crayons for your kids to play in and color in and the pool noodle to protect your kids from getting their fingers slammed in the door.

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  1. I love the idea of hiding treats in the veggie packs, there is certain treats that have to be keep in the fridge and it is so hard to hide this from my son.
    This will work acceptionaly to hide his ice lollies in the freezer. No longer help yourself access. 🙂

    The fitted sheet for the beach is such a splendid idea. We love our beach trips and sand is always an issue, we normally use blankets which we constantly have to dust and place down frequently. This will work wonders for our trips in the future.

    The car garage idea, we have done and was so fun filled as it became a family task. If only we could upload pictures I would of loved to share our work of art.

    Thanks @lynne for these tips.

  2. Elize Swanepoel

    I am a sucker for life-hacks.

    There are so many useful and relevant hacks in this video.

    My favorite’s are:

    *Fitted sheet at the beach to keep the sand out.
    * Hiding candies in frozen veggie bags. I’m going to do this when JD get’s older. He already loves his nana’s and keep asking for more.
    * Stickers in shoes to show kids which shoe goes where.
    * Using a coffee cup lid as a drip catcher – genius!
    * Using toilet paper rolls to make a garage for toy cars.
    * Temporary tattoo with your phone number etc.
    * Making ice lollies with sprite and gummy bears
    *Using a glue gun to seal bath toys. Great idea! Why are the holes there in the first place?
    * Velcro strips under rugs. I need to do this!
    * Pool noodles – all the hacks were great. The preventing of slamming fingers in the door and the pool noodles covering the trampoline springs are great for safety. I like the idea of preventing kids from falling of the bed as well. It is a cheaper option than bed rails.

    People are very clever when coming up with these hacks which was tried and tested.

    Thanks for sharing Lynne!

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