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5 Tricks To Maintain A Tidy Home With Toddlers

Having toddlers at home can present a real challenge for a person who loves to keep things tidy. Mothers, in particular, want the house to look aesthetically appealing; thus, they put importance on organizing things properly.

Now, with toddlers around, it takes an added load of energy and patience to make sure the home is in its prime condition. One can imagine how toddlers easily dismantle or break things. Who hasn’t heard of that toddler who broke his mother’s iPad, thinking it was a toy?

Fortunately, there are practical strategies to deal with these little rock stars. And no, it’s not calling the cops or using tranquilizers! Here are better ways to do it.

5 Tips To Maintain A Tidy Home With Toddlers

  1. Manage Expectations Properly

You can’t expect every hardware at home to be gleaming when toddlers are playing with dust or running around. If these things are tidy but not exactly the epitome of perfect cleaning, that’s okay. That’s still a great job.

Remember that it pays off emotionally to think about how your home appeals to you. After all, visitors may not even pay attention to how clean or how perfect your home is.

Also, if that toddler stains the wall, they don’t usually think of it as dirt. The stain may look like art to them. However, make sure that you teach your child about the importance of cleanliness.

  1. Divide and Conquer

What that means is that a couple with a toddler should share the load. That may not always mean splitting the tasks evenly. The couple should decide to make a balanced delegation of tasks. If the husband starts the laundry in the morning, maybe the wife should then take charge of drying and folding the clothes later.

If the wife cooks pretty well, perhaps the husband should do the cleaning of dishes or the bathrooms. If the husband effectively handles a raging toddler, maybe the wife ought to prepare the diapers and milk.

As a couple, don’t hesitate to share burdens and requests for tasks that you love, but make sure to be considerate of each other’s time and workload. Why force the husband to do the cooking of breakfast when he needs to go to work early? Or why force the wife to cook dinner when she’s tired doing household chores the whole day?

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  1. Don’t Ever Leave a Room Empty-Handed

Here is a practical and doable house tip: before leaving a room so you can do something else, have a quick look at what you need in that room. Maybe you can take that empty baby bottle, that stained plate, or that unused toy. From the kitchen, you may need some paper towels or snacks in the playroom, and perhaps a glass of wine won’t be so bad. That way, you won’t have to keep going back for forgotten items.

  1. Include the Toddler in the Assignment of Family Chores

While you’re trying to keep the house clean, you can talk to your toddler. You can even make a game out of specific tasks. While doing laundry, the mother, for example, can relax with the baby and play peek-a-boo. It’ll probably take longer to finish folding, but at least, the kid isn’t unsupervised or off using crayons to draw on the walls.

  1. Sell Stuff Online

When there is a new addition to the family, that will mean new stuff to fill in the same space. For a more organized home, get rid of things you don’t need anymore, and start selling things online.

Also, remember that children outgrow their clothes quickly. What was needed just a few months ago may no longer be needed now. Be on the lookout as you may need to let go of those items too. Having fewer things at home means less clutter. Selling them means extra income. Now, who wouldn’t like that?

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