5 Top Tips For Traveling With Young Children

Traveling with young children can be quite the challenge if you are not well prepared. Knowing what to expect and how to prepare for traveling with a baby or young children can make all the difference to your vacation.

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5 Top Tips For Traveling With Young Children

Traveling With Young Children – 5 Top Tips

  1. Plan In Advance

Yes some things are best left to the spur of the moment, but when it comes to accommodation and travel arrangements plan these carefully. Make sure everything is booked in advance and have all of your travel documents and plans close on hand.

Know your travel routes and how long each section of the journey will take. This will help you prepare how you will manage each stretch of the journey with your children and/ or baby.

Make sure you know what all of the requirements are for each stage of the journey when traveling with children. If you are taking a flight call the airline and ask them what to expect and how you can prepare for your flight with a baby or child.

If you are taking a flight make sure you know what you can and can’t pack in your baggage, how much baggage you are allowed in the cargo and how much carry luggage you can take on the flight. Knowing these things ahead of time can save you a lot of headaches at the airport.

  1. Packing for your Holiday with Kids

Packing for a holiday with a baby can be quite a challenge. You will need to take along all essentials while at the same time trying to keep baggage to a minimum. Knowing how to maximize your packing when traveling is quite a skill.

If you are traveling with a baby you will need to consider whether to take your pram, baby car seat, cot and other baby essentials with or not. Keep in mind that you can either take all your own baby equipment with you, or you could possibly rent or borrow equipment from a family member or friend when you arrive at your destination.

Car rental companies also offer to rent car seats with the rental vehicles.

  1. Don’t Rush And Be Patient

Getting ready or getting anything done with young children takes a lot more time so accommodate for that. Make a decision to be patient and enjoy the journey instead of being focused only on arriving at the destination.

If you are driving somewhere make sure to accommodate for plenty of stops so that your children have breaks from driving where they can run around. If you have a baby or a toddler that is potty training this is a good time for nappy changes and trips to the toilet.

You can also breastfeed or stop for a meal.

If you are flying somewhere leave plenty of time to get to the airport, to book into your flight and to board. Keep in mind that if you are rushing and stressed out your baby and/ or children will in turn also become agitated.

If you are traveling with a toddler be prepared there will be tantrums, leave some extra time for these and once again remember that this is typical of a toddler, especially if they are thrown out of their comfort zone and may be over tired or over excited. Stay calm and it will make it easier to cope.

Long flights with children can be quite tricky and surviving a long flight can take some skill. Make sure that you have explained to your children how long the flight will be so they know what to expect and bring along plenty of activities to keep them occupied.

It is times like this that tablets and mobile phones can be a blessing to keep your kids occupied with games and fun apps.

  1. Snacks, Meals And Breastfeeding

Make sure you have plenty of snacks on hand for your children. If you get stuck somewhere with a hungry child it is sure to make the trip unpleasant, not only for you and your child, but for everyone around you too.

Stock up on healthy snacks and drinks and keep them close on hand throughout the trip. Avoid sugary foods and junk food. Nobody will enjoy a long flight or drive with a kid on a sugar high.

If you have a baby make sure you have plenty of formula on hand and if you are a breastfeeding mommy then make sure you can breastfeed comfortably and easily wherever you may be.

Breastfeeding in public is not a problem in a lot of places, but depending on where you are in the world it can be frowned upon, or possibly even illegal.

Lots of places have special rooms for breastfeeding moms so finding out in advance where you can breastfeed will make everything so much easier.

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  1. Keep Essentials Close On Hand

Pack one bag of essentials that you keep close on hand for the entire journey, you wouldn’t want to have to stop the car and dig in a huge suitcase when you need something quickly.

Here are some things to keep close on hand while traveling with kids:

  • Nappies
  • Pacifier
  • Your kids comfort toy/ blanket that they just can’t be parted with
  • Wetwipes
  • Tissues
  • Plastic bags for anything yucky like dirty pants after a potty training accident
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Milk for your baby
  • Spare blanket for baby
  • Spare clothes for in case of any accidents or change of temperatures
  • Medicine and first aid (plasters, antiseptic, painkiller such as Calpol or Panado, an antihistimine like Allergex and a thermometer)
  • Snacks
  • Activities to keep your kids occupied while traveling (puzzles, paper and pencil crayons, playdough, stickers, books, tablet)

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  1. Lynne, is breastfeeding really illegal in some countries? I’m shocked. *wow*

    • Not breastfeeding Tamara, but breastfeeding in public can be considered as public indecency. Lots of countries encourage breastfeeding and there is a huge movement to normalize breastfeeding but some places it is not allowed in public.

      So it would be wise to just check where you can and can’t breastfeed in public if you are a breastfeeding mommy 🙂

      • I’ve passed that stage thank goodness, I always did it in privacy as I myself was very shy, but I know that its a 50/50 split here in SA about it. It crazy actually!

      • I also breastfed in private with my first baby, but not with my second. I guess I just got lazier, oh and my boy was hungry. He would freak out if he had to wait longer than like 30 seconds. He is such a happy, easy going boy but just don’t mess with his food!

      • Like any man I suppose 🙂

      • thank you for this. good to know and great read.

  2. Lol. The same with my girl. If she’s hungry, she’s hungry and wants it now but i also breastfed in private – too shy.
    We went fishing after xmas and came back yesterday… must say that taking a “little vacation” with a baby really doesnt feel like i rested – im even more tired cause you take them out of their routine.

    Tx for the tips xxx

    • I’m giggling while I read that Marisca. Yes I have to admit that even holiday time at home with a baby or young children is not exactly restful lol.

      That said it is fun to get out a bit and let the kids have some fun.

  3. I can admit this is the way to go i learned quickly. My 8 month old going away weekend we have so much stuff mostly his goodies not that i mind at all but planning is important and to be patient when we drive around and he cries to get out his car seat which is not sar i give him hus snack or juice or toy then he will play and eventually he fall asleep.

  4. really love all these tips, once you plan in advance everything comes easy afterwards, i always plan trips weeks in advance

  5. Good tips. When ever we go somewhere it is always a rush as my husband is very impatient so I have to plan very well and make sure everything is ready for when we leave and then I have to pray that what I my son and I packed toy wise will still interest him in the travel.

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