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5 Tips For Mompreneurs To Convert Their Garage Into A Home Office

Being able to create the perfect work-life balance can be incredibly useful if you are a mompreneur that works from home. If you have available space in your garage, why not convert this space into a home office. It could help to keep your home life separate from your work life and help you to work without distractions for a few hours when you need to.  Whether you choose to transform the garage into a home office, or simply want a room to yourself, Adu projects can get the job done. In this post, we will be providing some tips to convert your garage into the perfect home office. 

Why transform the garage into a home office?

Garages are perfect for creating home offices because they are located somewhat separate from the house which is useful for creating some distance between home and work life. It is also more cost effective to renovate an existing space than it would be to build a completely new room.

5 Tips for mompreneurs to convert their garage into a home office

Obtaining the right permits

Transforming the garage to a home office takes time and effort, plus you need to have the appropriate permits and compliance with local building codes in your area. You will have to ensure the finished garage is adhering to municipal standards for habitual spaces. After getting the required permits you can move on to the next steps.

Start cleaning the space

In order to create your home office, start by clearing everything out and find alternative space to store bicycles, Christmas decorations, car accessories, etc. Clean the garage thoroughly before you start assembling everything.

Work from home office

Consider insulation

Since the majority of garages are not climate regulated, you will need to consider how you are going to cool or heat the room. You can think about connecting the garage to the home’s HVAC system. Or you can add additional insulation into the walls. If you are going to spend a lot of time in your home office, it helps to install a well-insulated door.

Think about lighting options

Many garages do not get a lot of natural light; therefore, you will need to buy additional overhead lighting and some lamps to illuminate the space. Many garage doors are customisable with windows. You can select from various styles and tinting choices. Or you can invest in a modern glass door for the garage. These doors are stylish and sleek and an ideal choice for garage conversion projects.

Start adding furniture and decorative items

This is the fun part, adding your favorite décor and furniture to the space to make it your own and create it into a functional and productive area to fulfil all your business-related tasks and obligations. You can decorate it to be a place that is comfortable and inspiring. Invest in a desk and office share and maybe add a bookshelf, armchair, and filing cabinet. To give the space a more personal and inviting feel, you can invest into some hardwood or laminate flooring, or add a beautiful carpet or some loose rugs.


We hope you have found this post useful and that it will give you valuable guidance on how to convert your garage into a home office. Be sure to personalize this space by adding some pictures of your spouse and children or hanging some artwork on the walls. 

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  1. At the moment we’re using our garage for our furniture flipping business but it’s a struggle because every night we have to move everything on top of each other to park the car?

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