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5 Things To Ask Before Having Plastic Surgery

If you have made a decision to have plastic surgery you need to proceed carefully and make sure that you have chosen the right plastic surgeon to perform the procedure that you would like to have done. Do some research and make a list of all the plastic surgeons that are experts in the particular procedure that you are interested in. Ask your friends if they have had any personal experience with any of those surgeons or if they know of anyone that can recommend a great surgeon.

Once you have your list of plastic surgeons you can make a short list of the ones that look like they will be the best for the job. Before you commit to any surgeon it is best to make an appointment so that you can meet the surgeon and make sure that you are comfortable with them.

Here is a list of questions you can ask your plastic surgeon when you have your initial consultation:

5 Things To Ask Before Having Plastic Surgery

Who Will Perform The Surgery?

It is so easy to make the assumption that the person that you are having the consultation with is the same person that will perform the surgery but this is not always the case. Make sure that you are meeting directly with the surgeon that will be performing the surgery so that you are dealing with the same person from the beginning of the procedure all the way through.

Where Will The Surgery Be Done?

Very often you will meet in the consultation rooms of the plastic surgery, so it is important to ask which clinic or hospital the surgery will take place in. Some plastic surgeons perform office based procedures which is not always the best option as this can pose risks if the correct equipment is not used. If the procedure is done in a doctor’s office make sure to check the accreditation and certification.

It will be much more assuring if the procedure is done in a reputable hospital or clinic that has a very good reputation as well as excellent aftercare facilities.

Qualifications, Certifications and Experience

You want to make sure that you are getting the best possible plastic surgeon to perform your procedure. Find out what minimum qualifications and certifications a plastic surgeon needs to have to perform your required procedure and then check that the plastic surgeon you are interested in meets those requirements.

Ask your plastic surgeon how many procedures of a similar nature he or she has performed as well as what the success rate has been for those procedures. Ask to see before and after images as well as references. If possible find out if there are any past patients you can speak to in person about their experience.

Surgery Recovery

Risk Of Complications

Every surgical procedure comes with some risk. Ask your plastic surgeon to explain the possible risks that can occur, as well as what the chances are that it may happen along with the seriousness of each possible complication. You will also need to know what is involved in case of a complication, for example having corrective surgery.

Ask about the different types of anesthesia and the risks associated with each. Enquire as to who will administer the anesthesia and whether that person is well qualified as board certified.

Make sure that you have discussed any existing medical conditions with your doctor as these can influence the risks associated with surgical procedures.

Aftercare and Recovery

After any procedure there will be some aftercare treatment and monitoring, even if it is just for a few hours, or it may be overnight depending on the procedure. Find out how the staff plan to look after you, especially with surgeries that have a high risk of complications.

You also need to know how long your recovery period is after the procedure since you may need to take time off from work and you may need someone to help you with some of your day to day activities (especially if you have children) until you have had sufficient time to heal.

You may also need to have physiotherapy afterwards so find out where that will take place and for how long.

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