Summer outdoor activities for your family

5+ Summer Outdoor Activities for Your Family (#5 is the Most Fun!)

Summer weather is only nature’s way of encouraging you to get out of your house and play. And it’s always a fantastic idea to participate in fun activities with friends or family. This way you end up having more fun and making fond memories. So if you’re looking for 5+ summer outdoor activities for your family, I’ve got them below.

Summer means plenty of the sunshine and long days. It’s time to turn off your TV and laptop and head out with your troops. The solution to boredom is indulging in fun outdoor games for both adults and kids. In fact, it’s the best way you can combine health and family time to create new summer memories.

So let’s get started, shall we? Before we do that, there’s something you should know.

Safety First

Summer requires you to keep yourself hydrated at all times, especially when you’re playing outdoors. Drinking water yourself and encouraging others to do so every half an hour is necessary.

To beat the summer sun, you can also wear sunglasses and hats. And don’t forget to ensure that your family leaves the house only after wearing sunscreen. Some people even choose to reapply sunscreen every 2-3 hours. It helps if you sweat too much or if you’re playing in the water.

Safety also comes in the form of proper outdoor gear. For example, when cycling, you need your helmets. In the case of rollerblading, you require helmets and pads. If you have kids, then you should make sure that they haven’t outgrown their safety gear.

It’s always a better idea to plan if you want to avoid such last moment meltdowns.

Summer outdoor activities

5+ Summer Outdoor Activities for Your Family

#1 Spend a day at the community pool

The best part about community pools is that they are free. But sometimes they charge you a small fee as well. Either way, both are affordable options. Spending a whole day splashing around in the water sounds like a lovely idea for the summer, doesn’t it?

You can indulge in a refreshing and delicious poolside picnic. But if the community pool doesn’t allow drinks and food, then the parking lot does seem like an excellent idea too.

Plan scavenger hunts

#2 Plan scavenger hunts

Every “5+ summer outdoor activities for your family” article talks about how everybody loves a scavenger hunt. You can be as creative with this as you like. Choose a park or any touristy area. Even your backyard would do. Then create a whole list of items that your family will have to search for.

When the scavenger hunt day arrives, give each member the list to unleash the scavenging!

#3 Go for a hike

Hikes are considered to be one of the most favorite family outdoor activities. And the reasons are quite evident. We all love adventures, don’t we? Summer adventures come in the form of great outdoors that you can explore by heading to the woods.

The natural setting is bright and beautiful at this time of the year. And you might end up having a lot of fun with your entire family. It’s a win-win situation!

Go for a family hike

#4 Do volunteer work

Outdoor summer activities for adults include volunteering for a good cause. Contributing to your community is not only fun but also morally rewarding. There are garden clubs where your kids can play in the mud among different types of plants and flowers. And the older ones can plant bulbs and seeds.

Here’s an even better option, animal care or rescue organizations. Every kid loves to be around kittens, puppies, and other tiny, cute creatures. So why not make the most of it!

#5 Take a road trip

You don’t need  5+ summer outdoor activities for your family when you know you can take a family road trip. Hitting the road in the summer is the best way to have an adventurous time with your family.

During the experience, you can indulge in car games and discover new places. If you or any member of your family is a social media enthusiast, then a good camera for YouTube will record these memories to cherish forever.

#6 Go stargazing

It’s not always important for you to do something fun in the day. Night time is also quite beautiful in the summer season. It’s when you spot many constellations, and different shapes spread all across the sky.

While stargazing with a telescope is a brilliant idea, you can enjoy the clear, dark sky without one too.

#7 Head to the zoo

Both kids and adults love the zoo, don’t they? And that’s not even the best part. More often than not, zoos conduct special activities that kids seem to enjoy a lot. So you can find out if there’s any such event taking place at your local zoo to make the experience more fun and adventurous.

Spotting your favorite creatures is something that excites adults as much as children. So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t spend a summer day at the zoo!

Paddle boating family outdoor activity

#8 Opt for paddle boating

You don’t need to travel every time you want to have a nice time on the water. Paddle boating is quite popular in the summer. If you have a beautiful park with a pond, then it’s time to make the most of it.

Your kids will love you for taking them out on the boat and paddling it yourself. But keep those life jackets on.

#9 Camping in your backyard

Spending an entire night in the real woods might be scary for some kids. So what’s the best alternative? Camping in your very own backyard!

You only need sleeping bags for the activity to transform into an adventurous experience. Prepare delicious food that your family member will enjoy. And for the kids, keep the marshmallows ready.

So these are the 5+ summer outdoor activities for your family. I hope you liked them all!

Camping in your backyard

Wrapping It Up

When kids are not in school, it can be boring for them and the entire family. Maybe that’s why vacation falls during the summer season. So you can enjoy the beautiful weather by indulging in fun activities.

And to be honest, spending a large sum of money is not what it takes to have an excellent time with family. All you need is the great outdoors. I have listed as many as 5+ summer outdoor activities for your family. And none require you to loosen your purse strings.

So tell me, did you find them interesting? If you have any other adventurous summer activities to share with us, please don’t hesitate to do so.

Thank you for reading the article. I have tons of fun, exciting family, and parenting content to offer on my website. So feel free to browse through!

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