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5 Smart Home Devices for Busy Young Moms

Sometimes back there was a TV program “I dream of Ann” where a particular female character would blink her eyes, and within a moment all household chores would be finished. With the advanced technology, today busy moms have access to smart home devices that can help them realize the same type of power through automation of these smart home devices.

In the 21st century, automated homes cannot function by blinking of eyes, but through a mobile app or execution of voice commands or by programming a task, you can curb your smart home and find many duties accomplished.

With home technology, you can save both money and time and enjoy a comfortable home. If you are ever busy, as a mom, the automated house will provide you ample time to spend with your loved ones for any little time you get.

In this article, we shall discuss five home automated devices and their design to help busy moms create a smart house.

Most people get discouraged when it comes to embracing smart home gadgets because of the prices of these smart home devices. However, if you perceive it as a long-term investment, you notice that the issue of finances will not bother you much.

For instance, if you use 2 hours vacuuming your home on a weekly basis, and maybe if you hire someone to do the vacuuming for you at the cost of 30 USD/ hour, then this is equal to 240 USD per month which is about 30 USD each year. Now, if you decide to attend to this house chore the automated way, by purchasing a robotic vacuum cleaner at let’s say $400- $600 then you will get that this investment will help you save approximately 30 USD every year.

Therefore smart home devices can be a significant gift for busy moms.

Here is a list of 5 smart home gadgets any busy mom can use in making their house a smart home.

5 Smart Home Devices for Busy Moms

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Robotic vacuum cleaner, as discussed earlier, can help you save your cash and your priceless time. For moms who love pets or those with naughty kids, you may be required to do vacuuming every day and having an automated system can save your time a great deal.

You can program your vacuum cleaner to begin working at a particular time; i.e., you can set it to start working at a time when you are in the office and come back in a clean home.

Roomba robot vacuum cleaner for removing pet hair from the floors is one such device that will provide you with an excellent service especially if you are a busy mom. The device is considered the best Roomba for pet hair. You can even purchase a mopping robot to make your home extraordinary clean.

You will waste no time for mopping floors. Although both the mopping robot and robotic vacuum cleaner might miss cleaning some spots, hence being required to perform some cleaning by yourself. But the most significant advantage is that they are of the essence in saving your time.

TrackR Bravo

There is no need for you wasting time looking for your house keys or handbag around your house. Instead, use TrackR bravo to locate anything as fast as possible.

This device is a Bluetooth compatible tracking gadget. It can easily pair with your phone to help you locate any lost item. If you misplace your mobile phone, press the button on TrackR to find your cell phone.

TrackR is a coin size gadget, and you can attach it to your:

– Pets’ collar
– Kids’ pocket
– Keys
– Handbag
– Wallet

You can practically connect it to anything you want to locate.

TrackR will provide you with the following services:

• Track: When TrackR is attached to a lost item, you can locate it through the use of your mobile phone.
Amazon Alexa: You can ask TrackR to find your phone by saying “tell TrackR to get my phone,” and your Amazon Alexa-compatible device will ring the phone for you.
• Phone finder-When you press the button on your TrackR bravo it rings your phone.
• Distance locator: when searching for a lost item, as you approach it, the TrackR will indicate how far you are from reaching your lost item.

Smart Plugs and Switches

Smart switches and plugs are among the most comfortable devices you can change to suit your smart home. How many occasions have you wanted your lights around your house switched on/off while seated on your couch? How many times do you wonder whether you left some devices ON when you are already out of your house? Worry not because these smart plugs are here to help you manage such occurrences and help you save your energy bills.

Home smart security camers

Smart Security Camera

If you want to watch the steps of your nanny who is looking after your little kids or you want to confirm who is loitering inside/outside your home compound, a wireless security camera will be the best for you.

Many of these wireless security cameras support the following services:
– Smart motion alerts
– Snapshots
– Live to stream
– Email alerts
– Advanced recording options
In case you miss your loved one and you are busy at work, have no time to travel back home to check on them, you can hurriedly take a glint of your baby using the smart camera on your phone.

Smart Sensors

The market is flooded with many sensors such as the window/door sensors, motion sensors to name a few, that you can use to man and track your home. For instance, if you install a sensor outside your kids’ nursery, it will help you know anyone who was around that area without your consent.


If you are a busy mom and you have no time to attend to some other essential duties in your home, here are the devices to offload your burden. However, before you buy your smart hub, make sure it is compatible with the smart home device you currently have. Try these devices, and you will live to tell its tale

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