signs baby is tired

5 Signs Baby is Tired (3 months – 1 year old)

If you know the signs baby is tired before he gets over-tired it will make things much easier for you. Trying to put an over-tired baby to sleep is not easy!

5 Signs Baby is Tired ( 3 months – 1 year old):

  1. Fussing, whining, crying, screaming
  2. Rubbing eyes and/ or nose
  3. Pulling ears and/ or hair
  4. Yawning
  5. Loss of co-ordination (bumping into things, falling over, spilling things more easily)

Click here for the signs baby is tired (0 – 3 months old).

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  1. hi

    tell me if baby mouns and cries right threw the night?
    what can it be

    he is 9months old


  2. Very helpful indeed

  3. Problem is all those signs go out the window when they are sick. 🙁 otherwise useful info, thx! ?

  4. I can relate to these signs witg my little boy. They are spot on with these signs as i can see most of them when my boy is tired i know exactly its doe-doe time for him or nap time.

  5. i 100% agree with this one

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