Tips For Flying With Kids

5 Hot Tips For Flying With Children

The festive season is nearly upon us again with Christmas trees and decorations already in the shops, where does the time go? If you haven’t planned your family holiday yet now is the time to get it done. Remember to book early to get cheap flights and accommodation.

While many families feel limited in where and how they can travel due to traveling with kids it really needn’t stop you from flying with children. There are many ways to make it easier to fly with kids, plus just think of the adventure for your children. Getting on a plane will be super exciting for any children that have not flown before!

Here are some things you can do to ensure that your flight is as uneventful as possible:

Preparation Is Key

Find out what you can and can’t take on board. If you have a young baby find out if you can take your stroller with you. Ensure that you have everything you need on the plane to take care of your children.

Talk to your children and prepare them for the plane trip so they know exactly what they can expect. Let them know what is acceptable behaviour and what is not.

Make sure to pack in wipes and extra clothing for your kids. We all know how kids will mess a whole drink on themselves if you have no spare clothing!

Take Advantage of The Early Boarding

As a parent traveling with kids you will be given the option to board first and get yourself and your kids settled. You’ve probably got loads of baggage and things you need to take on board so get on the plane first and get your carry on luggage stowed away first.

Make Up Kid Travel Packs

Make up a special travel pack for each child with their favourite books, colouring books, pencils, ipads, sticker books – you name it. If they love it and it keeps them entertained pack it in. This is going to be the one thing that keeps your kids busy instead of whining and complaining.

Pack Snacks

Kids are notoriously picky eaters and let’s face it they won’t be getting a great variety of food on a plane trip. Make sure you have enough snacks and treats to keep your kids happy for the trip. Include some treats that your kids love but try to avoid sugary treats. There is going to be nothing worse for you (and everyone else) than being stuck on a plane with sugar high kids bouncing off the walls.

Your Child’s Ears During Take Off & Landing

Be prepared for your child to complain about sore ears during the take off and landing. If you have a young baby nurse your baby or give your baby a bottle or a pacifier to suck on during take off – this will help to alleviate the pressure. Give your older children gum to chew during take off which will help their ears to pop.


Flying With Kids


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