Fun Gifts for Men

5 Fun Gifts for Men

I was browsing around my favorite store for men, Mantality, and I came across some really fun gifts for men that you might like to check out for the special men in your life if there is a birthday or special occasion coming up like a wedding anniversary.

You know what I love? It is so not easy to find great gifts for men simply because I just never know what to buy. So Mantality takes all that guess work right out of it and gives you a great place to browse for something special.

Anyway I saw some really amusing gifts this time that I just had to share with you!

The Bike Balls

Yes these are like reflector safety lights for your bicycle. You attach them under your seat and they bob around behind you as you cycle.

I can totally imagine some men I know seeing these having their eyes light up in happiness seeing these bike balls. Yes men are strange creatures indeed.

Mantality Bike Balls

Clone A Willy

The Mantality website says that this is Hollywood’s cutting edge technology. You can make an exact vibrating rubber clone of your willy. This one left me gasping for air, in a laughing way.

Maybe some of the mommies here have a hubby that works away a lot and this might come in handy? Do you need a clone of your man’s willy? Now you know where to get one!

Mantality Clone A Willy


Ostrich Head Pillow

You know how you always need an Ostrich Head Pillow for when you need to sleep wherever you are? Well here it is!

Actually I think this would be a great thing to protect my head from my kids, they keep head butting me by mistake and I often have a black eye or a split lip from their “love butts”. This would keep my head toddler safe for sure.

Mantality Ostrich Head Pillow

Star Wors Apron – May the Sauce Be With You

I just love this, I know so many men that are die hard Star Wars fans and this Star Wors apron would be such a winner around the braai.

Man Cave Fart Zone Warning Sign

Oh my gosh need I say anything more? This Fart Zone warning sign will be perfect for any man cave!

Mantality Fart Zone warning sign

Anyway ladies I hope you have had a good giggle and perhaps you have just found the perfect gift for your man?

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  1. Thanks for this, I also struggle to buy my husband gifts. This will help a lot! ;o)

  2. Some cool things here 😀

  3. Some crazy things but interesting WOW… can do crazy stuff i wasnt aware of sorry let me say fun stuff LOL….

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