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5 Critical Mistakes Swim Spa Owners Make

Purchasing a swim spa is a rewarding investment and provides so much enjoyment as well as health and wellness benefits. There are 5 common mistakes that owners frequently make which you should avoid so that your swim spa will have a long lifespan and be more enjoyable to use. Here are the 5 must-know tips that will help keep your swim spa running optimally.

5 Critical Mistakes Swim Spa Owners Make

Household Cleaners

Perhaps the biggest mistake that swim spa owners can make is using household cleaners in their unit. Cleaners designed for swim spas are more costly than standard household products, however, they are essential to ensure that your unit does not become damaged. Household cleaners contain different chemicals than what a swim spa needs and can cause a reaction that can damage internal components or the acrylic shell and create a costly repair bill.

Swimming Caps

Most swim spa owners will not ask their guests to wear swimming caps, however, it is a good measure to use when you are in your swim spa alone on a daily basis. Especially for bathers with long hair, using a swim cap will help keep your filter clean. Hair can get sucked into the swim spa’s drain and eventually clog the filter. Over time, this can create additional strain on the pumps and cause them to break down earlier. By wearing a swim cap as often as possible, you can increase the longevity of your swim spa.

Swim Spa Cover

Another common mistake is when owners have their swim spa located under a gazebo or tent and fail to keep it properly covered when not in use. Wind and rain can cause dirt and debris to settle into the water, which can get into the components and cause mechanical issues. Plus, no one likes to see dirt, leaves or grass floating in their swim spa water.

Water Temperature & Sanitization

If the water temperature in a swim spa is left too cold, it can be damaging to internal parts. Also, if the water is continuously too hot, it can be a breeding ground for bacteria and give off an unpleasant smell. In addition to the water temperature, it is an essential step to frequently test the swim spa’s water.

Sanitizer: Chlorine and bromine are the top two sanitizers for swim spa water upkeep. Especially after occasions where a large number of people have been using the swim spa, extra sanitizer may be required. If unsure, just test the water levels.

pH Level: When pH levels are too low, it can cause corrosion of various parts such as the pumps, filters, and pipes. When the levels are too high, it can lower the effectiveness of the sanitizer can create an inviting environment for algae or bacteria to grow.

Shower Head


A simple yet often overlooked tip is having bathers shower before they enter the swim spa. Outside substances such as sunscreen, body oil, makeup and hair products can all cause a buildup of gunk and residue which clogs filters and causes unsightly water issues. By asking users to have a quick shower before getting in the swim spa will remove the majority of these substances and keep your swim spa cleaner for longer.

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