5 disease carrying common household pests

5 Common House Pests that can affect your Health

It’s not difficult to find pests in our house. In different countries, you can find different pests. But mosquitoes, roaches, mice, rats and fleas are the most common pests which you can find easily, in almost every country.

These little creatures not only irritate us, they are also responsible for spreading germs which are harmful to our family health. If you have small children, then it becomes important to get rid of these diseases carrying pests, because kids can get affected by these diseases more easily compared to adults.

Therefore I have shared below some information about the common pests, which you can find in almost every country, and how they can affect your health.

5 Disease Carrying Common House Pests

Rats & Mice

They both belong to the rodent family. These are very common in the rural areas, but finding them in the urban streets is also not very difficult. When they get a way into our house, we get irritated because of their movement from one place to another. Then we go for various methods like baits, traps etc. for eliminating them from our house.

But, did you know, they can cause various health issues?

Like all pests, rats & mice come inside your house in search of food, but if they don’t find it, still they’ll not leave your house easily, and they’ll contaminate your whole house.

They constantly drop urine, therefore wherever they go, they contaminate the surface. These urine drops carry diseases like meningitis or salmonella, and both of them can affect human beings. Other diseases they carry are Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome Colorado Tick Fever, Rat-bite Fever. And no one can forget about Plague.


Everyone knows about bedbugs biting. They don’t carry any harmful germs or parasites, but they can make you suffer in various ways. The bites of bed bugs can produce rashes, scars, and lesions. Not only that, they can also have some serious psychological effects.

These bugs can take a long time to leave your house. If you’re sharing your bed with these bedbugs, then they can cause stress, anxiety, depression, and sleep deprivation.


Fleas don’t fly, but they’ve strong legs which help them to easily jump on your pet’s body, when they walk from the fleas infested areas like long grass etc. These little blood suckers can attach themselves to any living being, including you.

If fleas bite you, then they can give you an allergic reaction, and in some people, it can even cause severe anaphylaxis. If they’re accidentally swallowed, they can be very dangerous.

In the case of children, high care is required because they can be get infected very easily, and children can get more harmful effects from their bites.


There is no doubt about it, cockroaches are one of the most disgusting looking pests, and no one likes them. But, along with their disgusting look, they’re very quick in spreading diseases to humans.

Generally, roaches live in the dirty places & environment, like sewer pipes etc. and then they come in your house in the search of warmth and food. They come out in the night, and start moving in your house.

If you’ve any food items which are left open like potatoes, onions etc, they scuttle over it. You can find roaches on cardboard boxes, dark places, behind furniture, and other similar dark areas.

Wherever these dirty cockroaches go, they leave dangerous bacteria, parasites, & pathogens, and all of them affect humans badly. Many times the reason for stomach related problems to your family are roaches. Therefore, you should use cockroach killers to eliminate them from your house.


Mosquitoes are also a very commonly found pest. They lay their eggs in the water and bite humans and animals. These little creatures are also very effective disease carriers. The popular diseases transmitted by mosquitoes are malaria, dengue, West Nile virus, yellow fever, Saint Louis encephalitis and Zika fever. These are not the only ones, but these are the big names which can scare any person.

Final Words

So, these are the most common house pests which you can easily find. These pests can cause a lot of health issues. Therefore, you need to take proper measures to get rid of them, because ignoring their presence can cause several diseases to your family.

Guest Post by Dinesh Kumar

Dinesh Kumar is a Tech lover from India. But, because of pest problems, he has researched a lot, and now he has acquired good knowledge about pests & how to control them. He also loves to work on his blog The Pest Management.

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