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4 Tips for Successful Dating as a Single Mom

It can sometimes be disheartening contemplating getting into the dating scene again when you’ve come out of one relationship, especially if you have a family. Some guys are always prepared to take a single mom at face value; many actually get into taking on board the responsibility of fatherhood, albeit the ‘step’ version.

But many a single mom can suffer from low self-esteem when she finds first dates seldom progressing to second dates because the immature blokes they’ve tried connecting with have issues with ‘baggage.’ There are enough savvy males out there who don’t pre-judge, so there is nothing to prevent single moms from starting to flirt online and going on to date successfully. Here are four tips which will assist the process.

4 Tips for Successful Dating As A Single Mom

Never rush into anything

It isn’t uncommon for a single mum to feel some sort of pressure to get into another relationship. However, there is no reason at all why you should feel compelled to go out with another partner simply because you are unfamiliar with being single. An excellent tip is to take a step back and enjoy the moment. Take some time to adjust to your new situation and only think about embarking on dating again when you feel the time is right. There is certainly no need to go out with the first guy who shows your interest. If anything, you have even more right to be choosy, so take your time before jumping into another relationship.

Get into online dating

Dating sites are perfect for any single mum who is keen to start another relationship. Unlike many of the more traditional outlets where divorcees congregate, the online dating environment represents an arena where you can take your time looking through the tremendous array of potential partners who are available to you, literally at your fingertips. Why not grab a coffee or a glass of wine and spend a leisurely hour browsing through the personals, assessing which guys would be most appropriate? You can gauge a lot about a person’s personality by the profile description they have chosen to upload, so you can get a real sense of the type of chemistry you could spark.


Treat yourself right

It’s one thing to consider going out with someone else, but rather than putting all your focus on becoming an item again, another tip is to place yourself at the forefront of your thoughts. Spend a while looking after yourself, whether that means booking a pampering session at your local beautician, or enjoying an evening in your favorite restaurant with your girlfriends. There is any number of activities you could get involved in which are solely about making you feel better. This will all help to cement your sense of self-esteem, building the confidence to embrace another relationship – when the time is right.

Always prioritize your children

Obviously, the characteristic aspect of any single mom is the fact you have dependents. You should never let this aspect of your situation define who you are in terms of being in any way self-conscious about having responsibilities. There will be guys out there who are put-off by the fact you are a single mom with kids, as many of them will be thinking about their own longer-term picture and may aspire to starting their own families. But the majority of mature single men will see you as a person first, and will undoubtedly be only too happy to take your children under their own wing. The point is, your love of your kids is the most important part of your personality and should never be sidelined.

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