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4 Myths About Snoring

Both snorers, as well as people that don’t snore, believe in some snoring myths. However, a great part of them are not true. Many snorers made up a lot of these myths to try to somehow hide or justify their snoring. That is why we want to present you some of them and turn the boring story about snoring into a fun one.

4 Myths About Snoring

Snoring is just an unpleasant sound

You are lucky if you snore only when you catch a cold. Then its effect won’t cause arguments with your partner or roommates. It is definitely pretty unpleasant to listen to, so once you recover the snoring is gone. But, what happens to people who snore every night? Do you think these harsh sounds won’t affect your mind or health? Sure they can. Snoring is not just a sound that keeps your partner awake all night. Of course, it is unpleasant, nobody snores melodically, but there is a lot more behind the bare sound.

Snoring treatments are expensive

Wait, are you trying to find a way to justify your snoring? It doesn’t affect your sleep so there is no reason to treat it? Yes, you might be a bit selfish on this. However, we will instantly break this prejudice or your excuse for snoring. Or, maybe you are afraid of having a surgery. Sure, just thinking about a surgery makes you feel goose bumps. It is painful and expensive at the same time. Concluding, there is a big no-no for surgery.

Have you ever heard of a magical snore guard? Of course, you did. Then you already know how inexpensive these guards are. What is great, it doesn’t produce any pain. Among the all snoring remedies, we can assure you this is one which really helps. Don’t be lazy and check on some snore guards. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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I don’t snore!

They usually say that the culprits never confess that they are guilty. Snorers belong to the same category when it comes to confessing. Many of them will dramatically deny that they are snoring. It seems like they are afraid of the fact, or simply just don’t know they snore. It is a fact that everyone snores. The difference is if you snore occasionally or habitually. Simply, don’t ever deny the facts.

You will snore at least when you catch the flu or when you are tired. If you have one of the snorers in your circle, don’t make them even more uncomfortable about this question. Say it loudly that you snore from time to time and be proud of that. You won’t believe which effect that will produce with the snorer. Additionally, just because you don’t snore while you are young, it doesn’t mean you wouldn’t when you turn 50 or so.

Women don’t snore

It is true that men snore more. Around 45% of men snore habitually. However, it doesn’t mean women don’t snore. There are some factors that produce snoring in the women, such as pregnancy or menopause. After giving a birth, a woman is more likely to snore. In comparison to 45% of men’s population, 24% of women’s population snores.

Maybe it is hard to imagine that your lovely, quiet girlfriend will once turn into a snoring machine. However, this is not the case with all women. If your beloved happens to be in the category, get her a snore guard. You both will be thankful.

As with every other occurrence, people come up with some unconfirmed information. It is sometimes funny to hear some of them and seeing how people live in they own misleads. You just never know what will happen to you tomorrow. Give some support to the snorers, but also encourage them to get over it. Maybe one day you will be in their skin.

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