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4 Fashion Staples for Petite Women

Black dress

Everybody (quite literally, every body) is beautiful, but we don’t all look our best in the same styles and outfits. It’s fun to swap clothes with our gal pals—hello, the more closets, the merrier—but not every pair of jeans magically fits both you and your three best friends.

We can’t all live in a plotline from the early 2000s, but we can find fabulous fashion pieces that fit us perfectly (and sometimes, just us).

If you’re on the petite side, here are four fashion staples that will have your whole sisterhood jealous—from Santorini to South Carolina.

#1 Cropped Jackets

Short gals wearing short jackets is like when two wrongs make a right, or when you multiply two negative numbers to arrive at a positive. The math checks out, trust us.

Basically, short + short = long (or at least that’s how your legs will look).

Find yourself a cropped cut that sits somewhere around your waist; the rest is all legs, baby. This applies to leather jackets for a night out, jean jackets for casual everyday wear, and suit jackets for the office (because there’s no reason you shouldn’t look your best at work, too).

Outfit inspo: For a more professional look, select a cropped blazer with a pair of high-rise, wide-leg slacks or dress pants. Tuck your blouse in rather than letting it all hang out to mimic the cut of the jacket.

#2 High-Waisted Jeans

Not just any high-waisted jeans; the high-waisted jeans.

For a petite gal, you have to focus on more than just the fit if you’re going to find those truly magical movie-worthy jeans. Although, if you find a pair that checks all the boxes, it’s not selfish to keep them all to yourself (the sisterhood will survive):

Outfit inspo: Accentuate the high waistline with a simple black belt for blue jeans, or a pop of color with your grey or black pair. This will draw even more attention to your slim waist and ultra-long legs, plus there are so many cute styles to choose from.

#3 Petite Undergarments

There’s nothing worse than ruining the perfect outfit with an ill-fitting bra—some might even call it a crime of fashion.

Petite women deserve seamless lines and fitted support, not those gaping cups and loose straps that are all too common. Whether you wear an A cup bra or even smaller, don’t forget to compliment your stellar outfit with a bra so perfect, it becomes invisible.

Outfit inspo: Lulalu’s petite lace bras are the perfect undergarment for a slight V-neck or somewhat sheer blouse. The lace you’ll see peeking through the top looks just like a lace camisole, but you won’t have to wear an extra layer that bunches up and feels uncomfortable.

#4 (The Right) Little Black Dress

A good LBD goes a long way, but the right one will put you miles ahead. The trick is knowing what styles are most flattering on your petite frame:

Outfit inspo: Knee-length dresses are best served with a side of heels, no matter the height. Otherwise, a long dress and flat shoes can make your already short legs look, well, even shorter.

Time For A Fashion Show!

Once you’ve hit the boutiques (or online stores), it’s time to parade around the house in your favorite new styles and staples. Maybe even invite your best friends over to enjoy your runway struts.

Unless, of course, they’re too busy with soccer camp romances, reconciling over family drama, and Romeo-and-Juliet-style epic love stories—honestly, who can blame them? The right clothes really can change everything.

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