4 Active Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Your child’s birthday is quickly approaching, and you are likely starting the party planning process. As kids get older, it can become challenging to find the perfect party theme. And with children sitting for over eight hours on an average day, you don’t want them sitting for the duration of the birthday party. This is why many parents choose to plan active parties for their kids.

By organizing a birthday party that gets your child and their friends moving, you can ensure that all of the guests have a blast and burn off some energy in the process. Here are some multi-season active party ideas to get you started.

4 Active Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Pool parties

If your child has a summer birthday, a pool party is the perfect get together. Whether you have a pool in your backyard or plan to host at a public pool, this theme is ideal for a number of activities. Some kids will surely stay in the pool as long as possible, while others might prefer lawn games like volleyball. You might also organize organized games like a water balloon toss. Food is generally simple for pool parties – throw some burgers on the grill and make other picnic-style sides.

Kids ice skating

Ice skating

Winter birthdays don’t need to be sedentary affairs, even if you are cooped up indoors. Organize a party at your local ice skating rink to celebrate the season and your child’s special day. Many public skating rinks allow parents to bring their own party supplies and cake. They may also supply pizza and snacks. Do your research and find local rinks with party packages, as this will take some of the hosting burden off of you.

Laser tag

Who doesn’t love laser tag? This energetic game gets kids in touch with their competitive side while keeping them active. Most laser tag facilities have party packages, so you can have many of the details covered without much hassle. If you want to get creative, considering bringing laser tag-themed desserts, plates, and other decorations. Just be sure to do your research to find a quality facility. For example, if you are looking for laser tag Long Island parents recommend, take the time to read customer reviews.

Field day

Another warm-weather party theme, an organized field day keeps kids engaged and active.

Work with your child to plan all of the field day events. Get creative with balloon tosses, three-legged races, wheelbarrow races, and other activities. For older kids, consider splitting them up into teams and notifying them of their placement on the invitation. Then they can get excited about their team and wear the corresponding color to the party. Either host this party in your backyard or rent out a pavillion in a public park. It will likely be wise to have some board games ready if rain is in the forecast. As for food, classic picnic options like hot dogs, hamburgers, and watermelon slices are ideal. If you need some extra help organizing the events and serving food, invite some other parents to the event as well.

Don’t forget to include themed party packs for your guests.

By opting for an organized and active party for your child’s birthday, you can keep all of their guests entertained. Be sure to involve your child in the planning process, so they can help choose an activity that matches their interests. Consider the season and level of effort that you are willing to put in. By planning ahead, you can book a birthday party and have many of the expenses covered for you.

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