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3 Common Causes Of Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and fall injuries can happen anywhere at home, at work, at any public place or at a friend’s home. While a slip and fall injury doesn’t sound particularly ominous it can actually be very serious and result in injuries and in some cases even death.
Over 646 000 people die each year worldwide from falls, making it the second leading cause of accidental deaths.
Slip and fall injuries are especially dangerous for children and the elderly. When an elderly person falls it can so easily result in broken bones even if the impact of the fall was not very hard.
There can be many reasons for a slip and fall injury and it is important to take note that whoever manages or owns premises or land needs to take proper precautions against any accidental falls.
If you or a family member has been injured as a result of a fall make an appointment as soon as possible with a Tampa personal injury attorney to ascertain whether someone is legally responsible.
Here are the most common reasons for slip and fall injuries:
3 Common Causes Of Slip and Fall Injuries

1. Stairs and Ladders

Falling off of a ladder or on stairs is very common and it is due to a number of reasons. It is important for all stairs to have a handrail and to use it properly. Many people fall because they are rushing up or down stairs and instead of taking one step at a time they take two stairs at a time.

If you are using a ladder it is vital for it to be properly secured or to have someone holding it. It is also essential to use a proper ladder rather than choosing to use a chair or another piece of furniture.
Uneven stairs

2. Surface Conditions

The condition of the surface that you walk on is responsible for many falls and injuries. An uneven floor surface is dangerous and proper warning signs should be clearly visible. It is so easy to trip over an uneven floorboard or a rug, especially when it is on stairs.

Recently mopped or waxed floors can easily cause someone to slip. Warning signs need to be clearly visible so that anyone that is walking there knows that the floors are slippery.

Spilled liquids, especially if it is oil or grease, are dangerous if not cleaned up immediately.

Potholes on pavements and in parking lots can also cause people to trip and fall causing injury.

Ice on surfaces can be very slippery – it is important that any ice covered surfaces are salted to melt the ice.

To ensure that nobody slips and falls on your property make sure that all spills are cleaned up immediately and put out clearly visible signs for any uneven surfaces and wet floors. Keep your flooring, stairs, sidewalks and parking lots repaired and in good condition. Make use of anti slip mats in entrances as well as anti-slip paint and adhesive strips. Ensure any ice or snow is removed as quickly as possible.

3. Environmental Conditions

There are many other conditions that can lead to accidents such as any trash or other items lying on the floor which can be tripped over, cords that run across passages or walkways, bright light on floors that causes a glare, poor lighting and open desk or cabinet drawers.

Ensuring that any areas where people walk are clear of anything on the floor, including cords, and ensuring there is proper lighting and no obstructions will help to prevent accidents

There are also certain professions that are more at risk of having accidents such as chefs and kitchen workers, construction industry workers, factory workers, manual laborers and housekeepers.

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