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28 Day No Yelling Parenting Challenge Review – Strategic Parenting

Didn’t you just wish there was a manual on parenting that would tell you step by step how to do something right? This is exactly what Strategic Parenting offers and they have me the opportunity to try out and test their 28 Day No Yelling Parenting Challenge to review and share with you.

28 Day No Yelling Parenting Challenge Review - Strategic Parenting

About Strategic Parenting

Strategic Parenting offers a number parenting courses put together by Marko Juhant, including the following courses:

  • 28 Day No Yelling Parenting Challenge
  • 18 Day No Boundary Crossing Challenge
  • 18 Day “Break Your Kid’s Screen Addiction” Challenge
  • 14 Day Get Your Kids To Listen Challenge
  • Ultralearning Systen
  • Anger Management Adventures Kit
  • The Independent Child Chores System
  • 14 Day Teen Parenting Challenge
  • Family Thriving System
  • 14 Day “Unlock Your Child’s Inner Superhero” Challenge
  • The ADHD Advantage
  • The Ultimate Parenting Checklist
  • 21 Day Double Your Child’s Grades Challenge

About Marko Juhant

Marko Juhant is a name synonymous with transformative parenting. As a distinguished special education teacher with a specialisation in behavioural, emotional, and personality disorders, a former principal, devoted father, and a celebrated author of 16 best-selling parenting books, he has left an indelible mark on the world of parenting and child development.

Marko’s journey in the field of education and parenting began with his role as a special education teacher, where he honed his expertise in understanding the intricacies of children facing behavioural, emotional, and personality challenges. His unwavering dedication to helping these children thrive led him to develop innovative strategies and techniques that were both practical and effective.

In addition to his teaching career, he also took on leadership roles as a principal, overseeing schools and shaping educational environments conducive to the growth and development of all students. His leadership skills were not only instrumental in improving the overall educational experience but also served as a platform for his advocacy of practical parenting methods.

However, it is in his role as a father that his true passion for parenting and child-rearing techniques became evident. His personal experiences as a father provided him with invaluable insights into the daily challenges faced by parents. Marko was determined to bridge the gap between theoretical parenting advice and real-world applications. He firmly believed that parenting should be based on healthy common sense and practical methods that were efficient in practice.

This belief led Marko Juhant to become a prolific author, penning 16 best-selling parenting books. His books stand out for their hands-on and practical approach, offering parents concrete guidance and strategies to navigate the complexities of raising children. These books have resonated with countless parents worldwide, transforming their parenting styles and fostering healthier relationships with their children.

One of Marko’s key principles is the rejection of impractical theories and the avoidance of needlessly spoiling children. Instead, he advocates for a balanced approach that considers the unique needs of each child. His methods are rooted in a deep understanding of child psychology, gained through years of hands-on experience and observation.

Marko Juhant’s impact extends beyond the pages of his books. He has conducted workshops and seminars, sharing his wisdom and empowering parents with the tools to become more effective in their roles. His ability to connect with parents and educators alike has made him a sought-after speaker in the field of parenting and child development.

In a world saturated with conflicting parenting advice, Marko Juhant’s practical and sensible approach has become a beacon of guidance for parents everywhere. Through his teaching, writing, and advocacy, he has helped countless families build stronger, more fulfilling relationships with their children, making him a true luminary in the realm of parenting and child psychology.

28 Day No Yelling Parenting Challenge

About The 28 Day No Yelling Parenting Challenge

Here’s an overview of how the 28-Day No Yelling Parenting Challenge works:

  1. Commitment: Parents who undertake the challenge make a commitment to themselves and their children to refrain from yelling for 28 consecutive days. This commitment serves as the foundation for positive change.
  2. Daily Prompts: Each day of the challenge comes with a specific prompt or task aimed at improving communication and reducing the need for yelling. These prompts are designed to gradually shift the parent’s approach.
  3. Alternative Strategies: Throughout the challenge parents are provided with a toolbox of alternative strategies for effective discipline and communication. These strategies are based on principles of empathy, active listening, and problem-solving.
  4. Self-Reflection: Parents are encouraged to reflect on their progress and challenges regularly. Self-awareness plays a crucial role in breaking the habit of yelling and embracing healthier alternatives.
  5. Support Community: This challenge fosters a supportive online community where parents can share their experiences, challenges, and successes. This community offers a sense of belonging and motivation for participants.
  6.  Celebration of Milestones: Celebrating small victories and milestones is an essential part of the challenge. Parents acknowledge their successes and reinforce their commitment to positive change.

By the end of the 28 days, participants often report significant improvements in their relationships with their children. They discover that through patience, empathy, and effective communication, they can achieve better results than through yelling. The challenge not only transforms the way parents interact with their children but also creates a more nurturing and loving home environment.

My Personal 28 Day No Yelling Parenting Challenge Review

Parenting is challenging, frustrating, and rewarding all rolled into one. It is the hardest thing I have ever done, and shouting is something I have struggled with in a big way. It came to a point a few years back where it felt like all I ever did was yell and I made a conscious effort to make changes. While I made a big change, I still have my moments that I’m not proud of. This is not unique to me, it is something I believe most parents struggle with.

When I was offered the chance to take part in this no yelling challenge I jumped at it. It has made such a difference to how I parent and I am so grateful.

From the first email I realised “oops” yes that is something that I’ve been doing and understood immediately why it was not working for me, and every email throughout the challenge was the same. From day 3 of this challenge I could already see a difference in the way that my children responded to me and it improved with each passing day.

Here are the things that I personally love most about this challenge:

  • Daily reminders and tasks – it is impossible to make all the changes in one day, and impossible to maintain it in that way. This challenge sends you a daily email with your new task that builds onto the previous tasks given. In this way you get bit sized pieces of information that are easy to understand and implement.
  • Practical and clear – the challenge does not only tell you what you should not do, it explains why and what you can do differently, as well as how to implement it with examples. It takes you by the hand and explains what you should be doing step-by-step.
  • Easy to implement, maintain and be consistent – because you have only one new thing to focus on every day, it is easy to be consistent and build on previous skills learnt.
  • Awesome bonus – you also get access to 6 parenting e-books – Calming Techniques For Frustrating Moments, No Yelling Progress Tracker, Peaceful Parent, Strong-Willed Kids Manual, Swap Negative Reactions With Positive Responses, and Transforming Triggers.

This 28 Day No Yelling Parenting Challenge is easy to implement and effective right from the start. I highly recommend that you try it out if you are also struggling with being a no-yelling parent. I’m also keen to check out more of their challenges, since every single course listed on the Strategic Parenting website looks appealing to me.

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  1. as a nanny I’ve been doing the 21 days no yelling challenge at work and it has worked wonders.

  2. Would love to give this a go. It will definitely take a lot of patience.

    • It really works well Ruweida, yes it took a bit of effort but it was nice getting instructions to implement on a daily basis, it made it so much easier.

  3. 28 days no yelling challenge. I am definitely trying it out with my boys.

  4. This is such an interesting and educational article thanks for sharing your experience with us. Your statement about how parenting is challenging, frustrating and rewarding all rolled into one speaks the absolute truth I feel the exact same as I also struggle with shouting. The No Yelling Parenting Challenge is very interesting concept something to look into for sure☺

    • Being a parent is the hardest thing I’ve ever done Natasha, and what this challenge taught me is that there is so much I can do when it comes to my own behaviour to change the way things go down!

  5. How did i miss this??? Sooooo informative

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