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25 Simple Outdoor Activities for Kids

Surviving with a toddler indoors can be such a difficult task. Confining your kid indoors hugely limits his curiosity and walking space.

Outdoor activities are thus the best way of honing toddler’s skills and keep them physically active. We put together the most fun activities we could find!

Remember, it’s easy to forget to strap your kid into the car seat before heading out to these activities. Instead of leaving your home in a rush, think about your child’s safety first.

Well, below are some of the simple activities your kids can engage in outdoors.

25 Simple Outdoor Activities For Kids

  1. Playing hopscotch

Skills developed: Physical strength and basic mathematical knowledge

Requirements: colored chalk

How to:

  • Draw hopscotch on a solid ground
  • Number each grid according to its position or randomly
  • Instruct the kid to jump to specific numbers.
  1. Fastest rope pullers

Skills developed: muscle dexterity, team-building, and gross motor skills

Requirements: a long and soft rope and a tricycle or a small toy car

How to:

  • Best played with a group of children divided into two teams
  • Tie one end of the rope to a toy or tricycle and other end to the team of kids
  • Ask the toddlers to tug the tricycle/toy as fast as they can
  1. Garden hide and seek

Skills developed: basic cognitive and social skills

Requirements: the toddler and your partner

How to:

  • Find a good place such as a park
  • Your partner and the toddler hide as you seek.
  • Your partner should encourage the kid to find hiding spots e.g. bushes, thickets
  1. The sliding ball

Skills developed: social and team-building skills

Requirements: a slide and plastic ball

How to:

  • Should be played in a park with a slide
  • Played by a team and involves passing the ball down the slide
  • The ball is then recollected and passed by toddlers back to you
  1. Spray painting

Skills developed: art and painting skills

Requirements: non-toxic paints, paint brushes and a chart paper

How to:

  • Mix the non-toxic paint with water
  • Guide your toddler to dip the brush in the paint and spread it on paper
  • Repeat with other colors

Mommy and baby playing outside

  1. Escape the water jet

Skills developed: physical strength and family bonding

Requirements: water hose

How to:

  • Attach hose to water outlet, stand a distance and aim the water to the little one
  • He/she has to escape from the water spray
  1. Prick the soap bubbles

Skills developed: vision and body movement, tracking skills

Requirements: soap bubble maker, your partner

How to:

  • Use bubble-making gun to make plenty of bubbles
  • Ask your toddler to prick as much as he/she can
  1. Mud hand impressions

Skills developed: tactile sense development

Requirements: toddler, mud/sand

How to:

  • On sand, show the kid how to make a hand impression
  • Let the toddler repeat the same
  1. Sandbox play

Skills developed: creativity, imagination and family bonding

Requirements: sandbox and toddler’s toys

How to:

  • Place the sandbox in the garden with all the kid’s favorite toys
  • Let the kid sit on it and play with the toys
  1. Walking race

Skills developed: physical strength and motor skills

Requirements: toy

How to: Stand a distance and let the kid come for the toy

  1. Stack and balance the rocks

Skills developed: fine motor skills

Requirements: small rocks

How to: help the kid balance the rocks

  1. The car race

Skills developed: fine motor skills

Requirements: toy cars, chalk

How to: draw track lines and ask your kid to push the toys within the lines

  1. Hula-hoop challenge

Skills developed: muscle dexterity

Requirements: hula-hoop

How to: show the toddler how to rotate the hula-hoop and let them try

  1. Pass the ball

Skills developed: number counting

Requirements: rubber ball

How to: played in a group, the toddler holds the ball, says one and passes to the next who says two and passes further.

Boy toddler playing in Autumn leaves

  1. Treasure hunt

Skills developed: curiosity and teamwork

Requirements: edible treats

How to: hide some treats in the garden and let your toddler search for them.

  1. Painting stones

Skills developed: creativity

Requirements: medium-sized stones and paint

How to:

  • Arrange stones in the garden
  • Ask the toddler to paint the stones with different colors
  1. Catching the Frisbee

Skills developed: gross and fine motor skills

Requirements: Frisbee

How to: throw the Frisbee to your toddler, prompting him to catch

  1. Riding a tricycle

Skills developed: cognitive skills

Requirements: tricycle

How to: help the toddler ride in the tricycle. Maintain safety standards, i.e bicycle helmet

  1. Sand shapes

Skills developed: visual interpretation

Requirements: plastic shovel, bucket

How to:

  • Take your kid to the beach
  • Make shapes with the bucket
  1. Alphabet game

Skills developed:

Requirements: group of toddlers

How to:

  • Sit the toddlers in a circle
  • Let them say letters of alphabet in sequence
  1. Musical chairs

Skills developed: motor skills

Requirements: musical chairs

How to:

  • Chairs should be one less
  • Toddlers walk around with music playing
  • When music says stop, they stop and sit in the closest chair
  • One who doesn’t get a chair is eliminated and one chair reduced.
  • In the end, only one chair remains with one toddler
  1. Sow some seeds

Skills developed: sensory and motor skills

Requirements: shovel, gloves, and seeds

How to: help the kids sow the seeds in the garden

  1. Sponge bull’s eye

Skills developed: vision-body action and physical strength

Requirements: soaked sponges and chalk

How to:

  • Draw a bull’s eye on the ground using colored chalks
  • The toddler stands at a distance and throws the water dipped sponge aiming at the center
  1. Collecting seashells

Skills developed: finger dexterity

Requirements: a plastic container, shovel

How to:

  • Take the toddler to the beach
  • Show the toddler how to dig and find seashells
  1. Nature trail

Skills developed: social skills

Requirements: an entire family

How to:

  • Take your kid to for a walk in the pack.
  • Show all the trees, birds and flowers

Outdoor activities are certainly fun to kids. However, ensure that you maximize the toddler’s safety.

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