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11 Clever Gift Ideas For Families

Gift shopping for a family is not always easy and it can be tricky to get something that everyone will enjoy since each household member has a different personality. Mom might be an avid foodie, while Dad enjoy a round of golf. The challenge is buying a thoughtful gift that directly caters for the entire family, while still being cost effective. There are plenty considerate and unique gifts out there. It is just a matter of finding them in the right places. To give you some inspiration we will be sharing some of our favorite clever gift ideas for families with you. Our list includes gifts that are perfect for the family to share, or that makes family life a little easier.

11 Clever Gifts Ideas For Families

  1. Personalised family mugs

There are numerous options for you to consider. Some mugs have illustrated figurines with the family’s first names printed on them. Or you can choose a set of coffee mugs with a beautiful picture of the entire family.

  1. Snack care basket

Young kids and teens will particularly like this gift. A snack basket filled with all their favorite snacks.

  1. Matching pyjama sets for the whole family

There are several retailers that stock pyjama sets in sizes for the entire family. Nothing spells cosy like putting on a warm pair of pyjamas and snuggling in from of the television for family movie night.

  1. Matching T-shirts and apparel for the whole family

If your friends enjoy going trick or treating as a family, why not get them some matching Halloween shirts? Or, if your sister is expecting a baby, you can check out these cute baby clothes about aunts on offer.

  1. Family painting or illustrated family print

This could be a lovely keepsake that they can hang on their wall to remind them of you. Most suppliers have proofs available before finalizing their orders. This way, you can make sure it looks exactly the way you envisioned it.

  1. Grilled cheese toaster

This is one of those gifts that very few people will dislike unless they follow a strict carb-free diet or generally do not enjoy eating bread. The kids will love this! Grilled cheese sandwiches are perfect for Sunday night supper or when the kids have friends over for a play date.

Grilled Cheese Toaster

  1. Custom-made engraved cutting board

This is an endearing gift because this item is something that every household uses. Every time someone makes a sandwich or prepare a meal, they can admire this thoughtful gift. You can have a family recipe engraved or a sweet note.

  1. Grand gourmet savoury basket

A gift basket is always a special gift, particularly if it is filled with treats that the whole family can dig into. The basket can be filled with fresh fruits, such as apples and pears, some beef jerky or dried meat, cream crackers, savoury biscuits, artisan cheese and homemade jam or chutney.

  1. George foreman electric grill

If your friends or family enjoy barbeques, this gift will be a wonderful addition to their home. It can be used outdoors and indoors and can make more than fifteen servings for extended family gatherings. It does not use propane or charcoal and comes with five heat settings.

  1. Family recipe book

If mom is a foodie and loves to whip up different culinary delights, then a family recipe book is the perfect gift. The whole family will thank you.

  1. Pizza-making kit

Pizza is a firm family favorite since the entire family can cook it together.

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8 Tips for choosing the best gifts

Gift something that continues giving:

  • Useful gives make the best gifts – studies revealed that people value useful gifts more if it was gifted to them instead of having to buy it themselves. Where novelty usually wears off, sentimentality remains. Gifts to consider includes a printed collection of great family recipes, a print or painting, or a beautiful ceramic piece to decorate their home.
  • Sentimental gifts are best for special occasions – gifts for special events like graduation, a wedding, or retirement, physical items are favored over experiences.
  • Personalised gifts add extra impact – putting their initials or names on a gift and the date makes a gift extra sentimental. This type of personalisation boosts the uniqueness of your gift. If others ask the family about it, they will remember why you gave them the gift and memories of the special occasion will resurface.

Always purchase the best

If you decide on purchasing a physical item instead of a gift experience, be sure to buy the best. This does not mean you have to buy something that you cannot afford. Recipients will get prolonged value of an exceptional small gift rather than a mediocre big one.

Be knowledgeable about what the family want or needs

It could be challenging to figure out what the family needs, but this part is essential. The idea is to gift them something that they will like and find useful. Consider their interests. You can even speak to close friends and family to get some gift ideas.

Always have a budget when gift shopping

Never buy a gift without having a budget. If you are buying different gifts for the family, ensure that you stick within your budget. Remember, gifts do not have to be pricey. The gift is what counts. Getting the balance right is vital because you do not want to go too cheap either. If you are really struggling to find a perfect family gift, you can also gift them a gift voucher from their favorite store.

Consider making a special gift

If you are low on cash and have special talents, you can opt for making a thoughtful gift. For instance, if you are good at scrapbooking, you can make them a family recipe book with family recipes. Or if you paint exceptionally well, you can gift them a beautiful painting made by yourself.


We hope you have found this article helpful in your quest of finding the perfect gift for a family. Keep in mind, even if it is the thought that counts, one would want to give them something that is memorable and unique.

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