Behind The Scenes 29 October 2021 – 10th Birthday Celebrations

It has been such a busy week compared to last week, things have felt so chaotic and unorganized, between getting ready for my daughter’s 10th birthday celebrations and the loadshedding. It was a great live video this morning even if it was rushed due to loadshedding constraints! Here’s a run down of what’s been happening this week.

22 Waterfalls

On the weekend we went away to 22 Waterfalls in Porterville – it was a getaway we were all very excited about and it did not disappoint! I published a review on it during the week and you can see more photos and videos in my Instagram stories highlight for 22 Waterfalls.

I’m so grateful we managed to get away on the weekend because we all really needed it for a reset and the week that followed was so busy! We got outdoors in nature, plus we had plenty of time to rest too. I even managed to read some of my book.

I’m Keeping On Track With Hiking

I went hiking on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings in the West Coast National Park and it really is so good for my soul. I have another hike planned with friends for next week too. It looks like this is going to be a weekly hiking event and a few more friends are going to be joining. It is so much easier to stay on track with activity when doing it in a group and I am really loving it.

My Little Girl Turned 10 Today!

I can’t believe how time has flown by since having my daughter. I remember struggling so much with her when she was a baby. She didn’t sleep well for the first three years of her life, never sleeping more than two hours at a time and so much crying. I struggled to comfort my daughter and felt so distressed as a new mother. On her first birthday I remember being so proud of keeping another human being alive for a whole year. It feels like I blinked and it has now been a decade since she was born.

She has been begging for a guitar for her birthday and her wish came true when my husband bought one for her. I know music is incredibly important for kids, but I have zero music ability so I would not have known what to buy or be able to teach her to use it. Thankfully my husband and his mother are both very musical and play guitar. Add in to the fact you can learn just about anything for free online now on Youtube. I am so looking forward to her being able to play her guitar. She is delighted with it.

Loadshedding Drove Me Batty This Week

The loadshedding this week was so bad and I know I am not the only one that felt it. We were out three times a day for up to two and a half hours a time. Trying to work, cook meals, do laundry and everything else in between has been a nightmare.

Just to make things even harder on Thursday I looked at Velddrif’s loadshedding time by mistake instead of Saldanha. It just ruined the day when I thought there was no loadshedding left for the day so I decided to watch a bit of Netflix before making supper and getting some work done. I finished watching at 17h50 and got up to make supper and the electricity went out at 18hoo. Big time facepalm moment.

I could only start supper at 20h30 and the kids went to bed very late and I still had to get work done. I felt like a wreck.

I had to also arrange to do my live video at a friend’s house and I had only an hour before the electricity went off there. Everything felt like a mad rush and off beat this week.

The End Of Year Madness Has Begun

Don’t you find that the last few months of the year fly by so fast? The last term flies by and the money flies out the window with the new school fees for 2022 being sent out, book lists, stationery lists and of course add in Christmas plus we have a few birthdays in our family, including my daughter today as well as my son and father in law in December.

Luna Angeli Period Kit Review  Plus Giveaway

After taking some time checking out the period kit from Luna Angeli I published my review and giveaway for it. What a fantastic thing to get for a young lady to make the transition to menstruation easier.

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