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10 Myths About USA Visa

Applying for a United States visa is a frustrating (and long) experience. To make things more complicated, our family and friends tend to share their experiences and stories with us. This leads them to spewing opinions that, somehow, have turned into a fact. These so-called “facts” are myths, and we’re going to talk about 10 of them today.

  1. Denied? Can’t Re-Apply

For one reason or another, people who were denied for a visa got into their heads that they can never apply again. This is false. There are a number of reasons you were denied for a visa – it’s just a matter of going over your application with a fine-tooth comb.

  1. Deadline to Enter the U.S.

Every issued visa has an expiration date – whether it is a few months or a few years from the time you were accepted. Visas only become invalid when they’re withdrawn or the U.S. Migration Services decides to cancel them. There is no deadline to enter the U.S.

  1. Visa Extension

Once you’ve secured a visa, toured the U.S., you can apply for a B1/B2 visa extension. A lot of people think this extension exterminates your next visa. This is also wrong. Keep all copies and documents of your extension forms and I94.

  1. You Can Submit False Documents

Submitting false documents is grounds for being rejected for the visa you’re applying for and any subsequent applications in the future. The consuls have the technology to verify the accuracy of documents. False documents can and will make you blacklisted.

  1. You Can Always Get a Visa

False: once you acquire a U.S. visa, you will always be able to get one. The situations for your next tour may not be the same as your previous one. Visas are given on a required basis: meaning that the conditions for which you’re traveling are affected.

  1. Senators Can Help You

Contacting a U.S Senator or Congressman to help you overturn a denied application will not help you. They can’t. The United States made laws that keep outside influences from having a decision in whether or not your visa is denied or approved. (If you have business in America, find out more about the EB-5 if you can.)

  1. Criminal History Has No Impact

Any crime you committed plays a role in your application. Consuls do not want criminals in their country. Crimes include controlled substance violations, money laundering, trafficking, or a conspiracy to commit a crime.

  1. Travelled Abroad

Getting a visa to travel to other countries plays no role in your ability to get a U.S. visa. American consulates have different conditions that you must meet – conditions which are different from other countries.

  1. Visitor Visa

If you have a child that is a citizen of the United States, you will not be denied a visitor visa. Once you demonstrate the purpose of your travelling—in this case, to visit a relative–, you make a greater case for securing that visa.

  1. You Can Have Illegal Family

Any country in the world frowns upon having citizens live there when they are not allowed. You cannot have an immediate family member (or any relative) who is in the United States illegally. This applies to distant relatives.


Don’t believe in myths. They lead to nothing but trouble. Hopefully, a lot of people will stop believing in things that aren’t true. Believing in myths can hurt you in a lot of ways. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to find out more.

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