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10 Great First Birthday Gift Ideas for Outdoor Play

First Birthday gift ideas for outdoor play

Choosing a first birthday present for your child should be loads of fun for you. My personal feeling is gifts that encourage outdoor play are always a terrific choice. Playing in nature is so good for children and there are so many stimulating toys that you can choose from that will aid your child’s development and also keep your child interested for a long time to come, making this a gift that will be well used for a long time to come.

Outdoor play is not just fun, but it is also educational for your child, especially in the early years.

The best gifts you can choose for your child will encourage outdoor play, boost your child’s creativity, help your child’s sensory development, keep your child entertained (and in this way help your child learn to concentrate) and be educational.

While there are many toys that will make your child happy on his or her first birthday, here are some gift ideas that will be highly beneficial for your child and will always stand the test of time:

  1. Baby Doll Stroller

If you have a girl she would love a baby doll stroller and if you have a boy you can go for the same idea in a push toy. I take my kids out often for a walk and when my daughter was young she always wanted to bring her favorite doll with in her baby doll stroller and when my son was born I would take him in a stroller and my daughter would take her “baby” in her baby doll stroller.

We live on a dirt road so buying the best baby doll stroller was essential, but I do recommend you buy a high quality one for your daughter since this is sure to become a much used, highly prized toy.

When my son started walking he also loved using my daughter’s doll stroller and would often strap his toys into it and bring it on our walks.

  1. Trampoline

What kid doesn’t love a trampoline? A trampoline ticks off all the requirements for me. It encourages outdoor play, it encourages physical activity and it gives pure joy to your child too. Trampolines come with so many great benefits that are hard to ignore.

Obviously ensure you are aware of all the trampoline safety requirements and buy one that is suitable for a young child and you are good to go. I recommend one of those ones circle ones on a stand with a safety net all around to start. When your child gets older you can consider another type.

  1. Kids Water Table

Buying a water table is a great gift choice for your child. You can’t deny that water keeps your child fascinated for hours on end. This type of toy is great because it encourages creativity, it helps your child to develop hand eye coordination skills and it helps with sensory and motor development.

The top water tables come with lots of extra features that will ensure that there are lots of activities your child can do.

  1. Baby Slide

Your child’s first slide must be small and safe so that he or she can start using it without any help and without any risk of accidents. There are some lovely 3 foot slides that are suitable for a one year old. The great thing about a slide like this is that it is also suitable for inside so if it is cold or raining you can easily bring it inside too to keep your child active and amused.

  1. Toddler Motorbike

The fact is that every child needs to have a toddler motorbike. This will become a prized possession and it also comes with great benefits for your child.

A toddler motorbike will keep your child active and encourage outdoor play. Riding a toddler motorbike also helps your child to develop physical strength, balance and motor development skills.

  1. Sand Pit

Just like water children are fascinated with sand and it can keep them busy for a very long time. You can buy a sand pit set and you could also buy a high quality water table like mentioned above that comes with a sandpit.

Just remember to ensure that you have a cover for your sand pit to protect it from cats using it as a litter tray when it is not in use.

  1. Baby Paddle Pool

As already stated water is great source of amusement for kids. Playing in a small paddle pool will provide endless entertainment for your child. On a hot day it will also be very useful to keep your child cool and content.

There are loads of different options to choose from and while the blow up pools may be much cheaper you need to keep in mind that they are easily damaged. Buying a hardier pool will last long after your child is too big for it.

  1. Play Tent

Kids love tents and buying your child a play tent will also provide lots of entertainment. A play tent can be used inside and outside which will help entertain your child when it is cold and rainy too.

Plus when it is hot your child will have some protection from the sun while playing outside.

  1. Outdoor Play Set

There are so many awesome outdoor play sets that you can consider that will make a great first birthday gift for your child. You can look at beach play sets which your child can use in the sandpit, gardening play sets and more.

Having an outdoor play set also compliments so many outdoor play activities and they don’t cost a lot. A little bucket and spade with a watering can will provide lots of fun for your child and it is brilliant for your child’s sensory development and learning.

If you enjoy gardening your child can start to learn how to garden along with you, it is never too early to get started gardening with kids.

  1. Pull Cart

Children love pulling carts and filling them up with toys. If you get your child an outdoor play set this will go perfectly with it so your child can use the cart to pull his or her toys around the garden. Young children also find packing and unpacking carts very entertaining.

It can also double up as a storage place for your child’s outdoor toys too making it very useful for keeping your garden tidy.

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