10 Genius Hacks for Organizing Baby's Clothes

10 Genius Hacks for Organising Your Baby’s Clothes

Whether you’re a new mommy or a seasoned warrior of the bottle and diaper, one thing’s for certain: being a mom ain’t easy. Juggling work, paying the bills, and caring for your family can often feel daunting. About as daunting as playing soccer with an iron weight, in fact.

It isn’t difficult to kick home organization to the sideline. But when you’re balancing your already super-busy life, organization is the last thing you should forget. This holds especially true for your little angel’s tiny shirts, pants, shoes, and other accessories.

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10 Genius Hacks For Organizing Baby's Clothes

Below are ten helpful ideas for organizing your baby’s closet and room as well as your home for your bundle of joy:

1) Ornament boxes

Your baby has tiny sets of clothes.  When rolled up, they’re about the size of your fist. Ornament boxes have tiny holes that are also about the size of your fist.

Thus when rolled up, a set of baby clothes fits a given hole in your average ornament box neatly.

2) Mesh laundry bags

You likely already have these bags in your laundry room for your delicates.

Due to their size, they can hold Baby’s dirty clothes and hang over the rim of your laundry basket without falling over.


3) Cup hooks with basket crates

You’ll probably need to make a trip to the hardware store and/or office supplies store for this organizational design.

But it’s a trip well worth making!

Just screw a series of cup hooks into the wall (the back wall of Baby’s closet, for example).

Then hang a basket crate on each hook and presto!

You have a place for storing each of your baby’s accessories!

4) Closet dividers

Clothing stores like to use these dividers so their customers can easily find different sizes.

Likewise, using them to sort your ever-growing cherub’s wardrobe by size and/or month can help you grab an appropriate outfit in a pinch.

No dividers?  No worries!

You can make (and decorate!) your own with cardboard, a Sharpie, and a pair of scissors.

5) Shoe organizers

Honestly: is there any end to the uses of shoe organizers?

They’re nifty for organizing everything, from shoes (of course) to craft supplies to baby things!

6) Old bookshelves

The levels on most bookshelf cases can be moved.

Space them out as desired, add a bar at the top of the wider spaces, and voilà!

You now have a second, stylish closet space!

7) Clothespin hangers

These hangers are perfect for Baby’s smaller accessories such as hairbows and headbands!

All you need is a board, some clothespins, superglue, and a sawtooth picture hanger.

When you have all four, you’re good to go!

8) Dog collars

As your baby begins to walk, he or she will want to explore their environment.

Their hands will be on everything, include the handles to your kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

A dog collar makes the perfect strap for fastening cabinet doors together.

9) Clothing carts

Need a place to store your baby’s shoes?

Look no further!

Clothing carts are just the right size for storing baby sneakers, baby scandals, baby moccasins, and all other baby footwear.

10) A blow-up pool

Traditional baby play areas are roped off with hard plastic gating.

And, well, when you’re learning to walk, you’re going to take some falls.

So what better play area than the inside of a blow-up pool?

Its padded sides ensure Baby a soft “gating” that he or she can sit against or playfully smack in comfort.

Try out some of these nifty ideas, and you’ll be well on your way to organizing your baby’s space (and your family’s home)!

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  1. I love these ideas Lynne i got my boy a little pool with that idea of playing inside of ot with all the toys…and im starting to use it as he can nearly sit up on his own….but the closet diveder is nice wow and dog collers never thought if that but great idea and i have 4 laying around as my doggies dont wear then. Awesome every time i go on kaboutjie you make me new things wiser.

  2. Please send me some help or advice…
    I pack my sons (11yrs old) cupboard at least 3 times a month I redo it because he just grab and leaves a mess. How on earth can i go about keeping his cupboard neat or wanting him to try keep it the way i left it?

    • Lynne Huysamen

      Oh dear, maybe get him to repack the cupboard neatly every time instead?

      • I have taught him how to fold and pack but his response is that is how he likes it… Is it me or are boys / men just messy

  3. I think its time for my hubby and i to buy a big house so we can have enough space to arrange everyone clothes i think i need a big house

  4. I love the ideas but son always messing up his cupboard he don’t like me to choose his clothing to wear

  5. I definitely need to try these, it would appear that my little one has collected more stuff in 5 years than I have in my entire life ?

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