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10 Boys Dinosaur Halloween Costumes

Not all Halloween costumes are necessarily witch, devil or angel costumes. The market for Halloween costumes has reached immense proportions and during this modern day and age you can dress-up as anything or anyone that tickles your fancy.

One of the most popular dress-up options for boys are Dinosaur costumes.

Kids cartoons i.e. “Barney and Friends” or “The Flintstones” and popular movies such “Jurassic park” plays a huge role in cultivating the huge fascination that kids have for these enormous creatures from ancient times.

Some of the reasons why kids love them so much is because they are big, scary and extinct. There is no chance of running into a huge Tyrannosaurus Rex when you’re out and about. Another reason is that Dinosaurs are depicted as animals that pretty much do what they please and you won’t find anyone telling a full-grown dinosaur that he has to go to bed by 7 o’çlock.

Dinosaurs are also portrayed as lovable creatures in children’s books.

They have an enormous appeal and most kids will go through a “dinosaur phase” at some point in their lives. stock a great selection of Boys Halloween costumes to pick and choose from:

Have a look at these boys Dinosaur Halloween costumes:

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10 Boys Dinosaur Halloween Costumes

  1. California costumes tiny costume

  1. Spooktacular T-Rex Dinosaur costume

  • Unisex T-Rex costume including Dinosaur hood, jumpsuit with tail and a plush egg.
  • Made from non-toxic 100% Polyester material and child safe.
  • Available in sizes toddler (3-4 years), small (5-7 years) and medium (8-10 years).

  1. Spooktacular Deluxe Dinosaur suit with accessories

  • Dragon costume includes: dragon looking hood, suit and dragon wings.
  • Suit is made from durable, non-toxic and child safe 100% Polyester material.
  • Available in sizes small, medium and large.

  1. Ruby’s Silly Safari Triceratops costume

  1. Fun costumes Toddler T-Rex costume

  • Made from Corduroy and fleece fabrics and polyfoam.
  • Soft sculpted Dinosaur snout, spikes and teeth on top and back of the hood.
  • Stuffed with fleece scales down the back and tail of jumpsuit alongside zipper.
  • Mitts sewn to sleeve cuffs and can be folded back to expose the hands.
  • Headpiece fasten with a Velcro tab under the chin.
  • Available in sizes 18 months, 2T and 4T.

  1. California costumes fire-breathing Dinosaur costume

  • Made from non-toxic and child safe 100% Polyester.
  • One-piece jumpsuit with tail attached (Velcro closure), matching wings, shoe covers and separate character hood.
  • Available in sizes 3-4 and 4-6.

  1. Tonwhar Toddler/Infant tiger Dinosaur costume

  • Made from high-quality 100% soft and durable breathable flannel with 100% cotton lining.
  • Available in infant and toddler sizes.
  • Highly recommended and has a five-star rating on the website.

  1. Princess Paradise Hydra three-headed Dinosaur costume

  • Made from fiery red/orange embossed 100% child safe Polyester fabric.
  • One-piece jumpsuit with attached character hood, black/orange liquid lame spikes and claws.
  • Also include puppet-like hand covers.
  • Available in sizes 12-18 months, 18 Months/2Tall, Small, Medium and large.

  1. JFeele Toddler Halloween kids romper

  1. Beskie kids onesie Dinosaur pajamas

  • Unisex onesie with non-removable character hood.
  • Made from high-quality durable and cozy flannel fleece fabric (perfect for keeping kids warm without overheating or itching)
  • Button front closure to allow for easy putting on or taking off.
  • Hip zipper to allow for toilet breaks without having to take the suit off.
  • Includes one pair of monster slippers.
  • Loose-fitting materials allow freedom of movement.
  • Perfect as pajamas or fun Halloween costume.
  • Highly recommended and has a five-star rating on the website..

 9 Interesting and fun facts about Dinosaurs

  • The word Dinosaur originates from the Greek language and means “terrible lizard”.
  • Dinosaurs rule the Earth for more than 160 million years.
  • The Mesozoic Era (time-period from 250 million years ago until around 65 million years ago) is also known as the Age of the Dinosaurs and was the time-period during which Dinosaurs developed and became extinct.
  • A mass extinction occurred around 65 million years ago, and scientists believed that this event occurred due to a massive asteroid impact, huge volcanic activity or possible due to an ice age.
  • The first Dinosaur to be formally named was the Megalosaurus back in 1824.
  • A person that studies Dinosaurs are formally known as a palaeontologist.
  • The largest dinosaurs, namely Brachiosaurus and Apatosaurus were herbivores (plant eaters) and not carnivores (meat eaters).
  • Birds descended from dinosaur types known as theropods.
  • Despite being extinct, Dinosaurs are often featured in the media and in major block-buster films such as Jurassic Park.


Dinosaurs will always be an enigma because of the mystery surrounding them. No-one knows with absolute certainty why these amazing creatures died, but there are several different theories. There are many different types of dinosaur species uncovered but there is speculation that there are even more species yet to be discovered.

Without question, kids around the world have an immense admiration and fascination with these giant creatures.

They are often featured in books, TV programmes and block-buster movies because of their popularity and they will most probably remain one of the most adored animal species for years to come.

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