13 Signs You Are Having A Boy

This video shows some really interesting signs you are having a boy. I have to agree that I had a lot of these signs, especially carrying my baby low and only carrying weight in my stomach! It was such a different pregnancy to my daughter where I carried my weight everywhere.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Lisa💕

    Well i can just say spot on i had few of these early signs not knowing because its a boy sleeping on my left side and dry hand my skin was so dry i cant remember if my feet was cold and my breasts i havent checked like that.

  2. Profile gravatar of vhutshilo

    Wow I hope this will come true as I don’t have any of those sighs so it could be possible that am carrying a girl figure crossed

  3. Profile gravatar of Nonhlanhla

    Wow so good to know the symptoms of a baby boy or baby girl

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