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    I watch my children and I am so often taken back by things I see in them. My daughter started drawing from a very early age and she can keep herself busy for hours with her pencil crayons. She draws and draws and keeps sharpening those pencils. She goes through paper like crazy and I just have to keep it coming.

    I have never been very good at art or drawing. I can make a passable stick man and there my ability comes to an end. She obviously gets this talent from my two sisters that can draw beautifully.

    I have seen my daughter finish over 3 packs of pencil crayons. She keeps using them until they are tiny little stubs. I don’t think I have ever actually finished a pencil crayon on my life, not even in school.

    I’ve been watching my 3 year old son wondering where his talents will lie. So far I can see that he is loving his rugby, he loves people and it looks like he might be a stunt man when he is older given all of his antics at home!

    What aptitudes are your kids showing?

    every child is gifted

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    My son Love’s to sing, and i enjoy watching him in action

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