The Different Types Of Moms You Meet

The different types of moms you meet

This video is hysterically funny but it is so true. I am without a doubt the “hot mess mom” and what is so funny is that moms think that I am so together because I have a blog… what? I’ve also had a run in with PTA moms which I …

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How To Make A Nappy Cake

How to make a nappy cake

A nappy cake is such an awesome gift for a baby shower and it is so simple and quick to make. This quick video shows you exactly how to make a nappy cake. ×CloseYou need to login in order to like this post: click here

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Laughing Quadruplets

quadruplets laughing

Oh my gosh this video is just too gorgeous of this daddy getting his quadruplets to laugh. The sound of one baby laughing is enough to make me giggle and these four put together will certainly put a smile on anyone’s face. ×CloseYou need to login in order to like …

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9 Dads Who Dominate At Parenting

9 Dads who dominate at parenting

Oh my gosh I loved this video showing dads with their kids. The first one was so special because daddy didn’t know he was being filmed at all and he was just having fun with his child. It is beautiful and heartwarming to see dads having such special moments with …

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4 Reasons Dads Don’t Really Matter

4 Reasons dads don't really matter

Kristina Kuzmic raises some more really valid points in her typical sarcastic manner about dads and how they “don’t matter”. I love the way she always manages to bring across her points in such a strong and fun way. Nice one Kristina, because here in our house dad matters and …

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Paint Your Nails Perfectly At Home

How to paint your nails perfectly at home

My daughter has become obsessed with painting nails, but the truth is that I have never been able to paint nails well and of course she is 5 years old so she will be needing a lot more practice before she can do it neatly. So I have had to …

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People With No Kids Don’t Know

People with no kids don't know

This funny comedy video by Michael McIntyre is hysterically funny, he nails it when he says that people with no kids don’t know. People with no kids may think they know, but they are in fact clueless. ×CloseYou need to login in order to like this post: click here

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How I Pump 1200 ml of Breastmilk A Day

How I pump 1200 ml breastmilk a day

This mommy shares how she established her breast milk supply, her tips and tricks for increasing your milk supply, her pumping schedule and so much more. This really is an excellent video for any mommy that is wanting to express breast milk and bottle feed. ×CloseYou need to login in …

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4 Signs You Are Ready To Be A Parent

4 signs you are ready to be a parent

Oh my word this video is so good, I just love the real way that Kristina Kuzmic shares about these things in her Youtube videos. The one that got me is the word Mom. Oh my word is was so good hearing it the first time from my kids, but …

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13 Signs You Are Having A Boy

13 Signs You Are Having A Boy

This video shows some really interesting signs you are having a boy. I have to agree that I had a lot of these signs, especially carrying my baby low and only carrying weight in my stomach! It was such a different pregnancy to my daughter where I carried my weight …

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11 Cool Life Tips That Will Save You A Fortune

11 Cool life tips that will save you a fortune

I really enjoyed this video showing how to recycle old clothes and towels around the house into useful things and stunning decor. These DIY tips are so simple and easy to follow. Make a dog bed out of an old jersey, make your cat a lovely cosy bed in just …

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How To Get A Small Waist and Flat Belly

How to get a small waist and flat belly

We all want a small waist and a flat belly, and this won’t come without some work, especially if you have had children! So here is a great 10 minute abs workout to help you get there! ×CloseYou need to login in order to like this post: click here

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Pregnancy Yoga – Episode 4

Pregnancy yoga episode 4

This 10 minute pregnancy yoga video takes you through various yoga exercises that will help you with dealing with the aches and pains you are most likely experiencing during your pregnancy. Yoga can help you to build strength, keep your fitness, help with pregnancy symptoms and prepare your body for …

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