Boys Are Easier Than Girls?

Boys are Easier than Girls

I heard boys are easier than girls long before I had children. I never paid much attention until I found out my 2nd baby was a boy and I hoped and prayed it would be true. My experience has definitely been that boys are easier than girls. My daughter was …

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Great Potty Training Tips

Potty Training Tips

Potty training your child is an important milestone, your child gains independence and your nappy changing days are coming to a close. Not having to pay the huge expense of nappies is also something to look forward to. Potty training can start any time from 3 months old to 3 …

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7 Ways to Soothe a Crying Baby

sooth crying baby

Not knowing what to do to soothe a crying baby can be incredibly frustrating and distressing, so try out these tips: 1. Swaddling Wrapping baby up can give them a sense of security as it mirrors the pressure they once felt within the uterus. It can also reduce the little …

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5 Remedies for Constipation

remedies for constipation

Having a baby with constipation is absolutely awful. Before you give your baby anything for constipation first make sure that your baby does in fact have constipation by looking for the signs of constipation. It is also important to remember that breastfed babies can poop 10 times in one day …

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