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8 Methods Moms Can Adopt to Stay Fit at Home

Moms stay fit at home

As a mom, we know that your life can be tough sometimes. OK, we mean all of the time! There are so many things to juggle that it seems like there’s never enough time for you and your needs. However, it’s crucial that you get enough exercise and proper nutrition …

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Mommy You Are My Best Friend

Mommy you are my best friend

This mommy journey is not always easy and I have written a lot of content on my website about how hard it has been at times and how tired I was. The majority of those posts were from when I had young babies and geez that was tough, but I …

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5 Tips on How to Be a More Patient Mother

How to be a more patient mother

I got some feedback on the recent post I wrote sharing tips on how to discipline your child, focusing on positive parenting. One of the tips was to be more patient and on Facebook a whole bunch of moms commented about how that is the hardest part. I totally agree …

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OMG that is NOT my vagina!

OMG that is not my vagina

Last year I was contacted by a marketing company, Skinstore was bringing out a new range called Mama Mio and they were looking for quotes from mommy bloggers about how their bodies survived pregnancy. While I was really flattered and all I couldn’t help wondering why on earth they contacted …

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Tortoises Mating Video – Oh my this was funny!

Tortoises mating video

I think most kids are obsessed with animals and mine are no different they love watching animal videos, they love seeing animals outside and one of the things they love the best is feeding animals. This means that on a nice day we are regulars at Scott’s Nursery where my …

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