Top 10 Baby Photo Competition July- August 2017

TOP 10 Baby Photo Competition July – August 2017

Happy Friday moms and dads. I hope you have had a great week!

If you child’s photo has made it through to the TOP 10 (listed below) then your child is going through to the winning round!

This is the last round of the competition, after this the Winner will be announced on Monday 04 September – all votes up to midnight on 31 August 2017 will count.

TOP 10 Baby Photo Competition July – August 2017

  1. Andi Mynhardt (PHOTO 1948)
  2. Lumen Wilson (PHOTO 1971)
  3. Hailey Du Toit (PHOTO 2041)
  4. Annabell Jordaan (PHOTO 2042)
  5. Donovan Lizamore (PHOTO 2197)
  6. Madison Nieuwenhuyzen (PHOTO 2249)
  7. Dylan Moss (PHOTO 2261)
  8. Gerhard Scheepers (PHOTO 2274)
  9. Tanner McLellan (PHOTO 2295)
  10. Tiana Snayer (PHOTO 2392)

Best of luck, this is going to be a tough round since the top few babies are neck and neck!

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