Sponsors and Prizes for Photo Competition June -July 2017

Sponsors and Prizes for Photo Competition June – July 2017

We are so thrilled to announce that we have secured a number of awesome sponsors for the June – July 2017 Photo Competition which is going to make our photo competitions even more exciting moving forward.

So firstly a huge thank you to all of our sponsors, we are so happy to have you on board!

Here is a run down of the sponsors for this competition and the prizes that they have offered to the winner of the June – July 2017 Photo Competition.

The total prize value for this competition is over R5000 – so if you want to enter this competition please first click here to check the terms and conditions. Please remember to first register on the website to be able to upload your entries into this competition.

Bubblegum Tablets

Bubblegum Tablets is sponsoring a Bubblegum Tablet Combo which includes the Bubblegum Tablet, the silicone cover, the car mount and the headphones. The winner can choose whether they want to receive the combo in pink or in blue.

The total value of this prize is R2126-00

Bubblegum tablets prize


Bargain Books

Bargain Books is sponsoring a Roald Dahl Boxset of 15 books.

The total prize value of this prize is R1599-00

Bargain Books prize


West Coast Way

West Coast Way is sponsoring a West Coast Way travel kit.

West Coast Way has compiled a fun collection of travel games to entertain your kids and a collection of interesting West Coast colouring-in pictures. You’ll be heading to Thali Thali Game Lodge – offering you a game drive for 2 adults and 2 kids.

The total prize value of this prize is R1000.

West Coast Way Prize

Buccaneer Shoes

Buccaneer Shoes is sponsoring 1 x pair of school shoes (boy or girl) and 1 x pair of trainers  (black or white, velcro or laces)

The total prize value of this prize is R700-00

Buccaneer Shoes Prize

Comfy Kidz

Comfy Kidz is sponsoring 1 x personalized kids night light – you can choose from hundreds of stunning designs.

The total prize value of this prize is R360-00

Comfy Kidz prize

Carmien Tea

Carmine Tea is sponsoring a tea hampers each made of a selection of 8 teas:

  • 2 x Sleepy Time Kids
  • 1 x Cookies and Cream (for kids and adults)
  • 2 x Mamma Tea Woman’s Support
  • 2 x Mamma Tea Nursing
  • 1 x Mamma Tea Morning

The total prize value of this prize is R200-00

Carmien tea prize

Gift Pixie

Gift Pixie is sponsoring 1 x personalized baby on board sign.

The total prize value of this prize is R110-00

Gift Pixie Prize


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  1. Profile gravatar of vhutshilo

    This is a good news thanks @lynne

  2. Profile gravatar of Nicol

    Awesome prizes good luck

  3. Profile gravatar of Nonhlanhla

    Wow awesome prizes I can’t wait

  4. Profile gravatar of Sandi

    Those are some great prizes, would love a Bubblegum tablet for my kids. I’ve heard they are really good. Do they have afrikaans too?

    • Profile gravatar of Lynne Huysamen

      I believe that they are absolutely brilliant @sandi 🙂 I will be doing some research on them soon and writing a blog post so keep your eyes open for that. I am so sorry I missed your question, it gets kinda busy here on the website! To answer your question yes the Bubblegum Tablets do come in Afrikaans. Like I mentioned I will have much more information for you when I write that article!

      • Profile gravatar of Sandi

        Oh thanks @lynne that is great. I would love to have a tablet that my kids can also use in Afrikaans. I am looking forward to that blog post 🙂

        Yeah I am sure it gets busy, I come here every now and then to have a look around and there is so much going on.

  5. Profile gravatar of Anthea

    This is very good prizes

  6. Profile gravatar of lindiwe

    This is so motivative ,,love the prices

  7. Profile gravatar of Chantal

    This is so awesome love it can’t wait too

  8. Profile gravatar of Rhyme

    Wow…amazing prizes.

  9. Profile gravatar of Queen

    Amazing prices indeed…

  10. Profile gravatar of Khomotso Chosen

    The competition is getting better and better. Awesome prices for this month.

  11. Profile gravatar of Shane

    I call this motivation! Why? These are such cool prices to win and its alot of stuff the Bubble gum tablet looks awesome ideal for kids and school shoes. As a child i always misplace my shoes. Good luck i will be entering my boy.

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