• Jitterbugs Review – big time Thumbs Up!

    Personalized reward chart kids Jitterbugs

    Recently my kids behavior has gone on another downward spiral and I was so keen on getting personalized reward charts for kids. When my daughter was 2 years old her toddler tantrums had reached a peak and I wrote a post about it called The Angry Toddler. That was in June 2014. Now two years […]

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  • Winner of Baby Competition May 2016!


    I’ve been getting messages all mornings from the moms of the babies in the competition wanting to know what time the winner will be announced… sorry I was busy with a VAT return. Trust me when I say I would much rather be announcing winners! So here we go, the winner of the May 2016 […]

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  • TOP 10 in May 2016 Baby Competition

    Top 10 May 2016 Baby Competition

    Happy Friday to everyone! I’ve had the mommies of the babies in the May Baby Competition reminding me yesterday and early this morning that today is Friday. I know I made a mess up last week when I thought Friday was still Thursday and I am not going to be allowed to forget that for […]

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  • TOP 20 in May 2016 Baby Competition

    top 20 in the may 2016 baby competition

    I know all the moms have been chomping at the bit to know which babies have made it into the TOP 20 in the May 2016 Baby Competition and I have to admit… I didn’t even realize it was Friday today. In my defense it has been a busy week! So here we go, here […]

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  • Lose Mommy Tummy? Week 2 of the Mum Tum Challenge!

    Lose Mommy Tummy

    So I’m on a mission to lose mommy tummy and the first week of my Mum Tum Challenge went really well… and really badly. The badly partly is I think mainly down to having my expectations of myself set too high, as usual. So let me explain exactly what happened in my first week and […]

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  • Great Gifts Ideas for Men

    Great Gifts Ideas for Men

    With Father’s day and my dad’s birthday coming up in June, I am again sitting and wondering what gifts I can get for the two most important men in my life. I get stuck every single birthday, Father’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Anniversary. Buying for women is just so easy. If you get stuck […]

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  • Wholesale Baby Clothes made in South Africa

    Wholesale Baby Clothes made in South Africa

    I am so sorry I have taken so long to get around to sharing this post. I know that so many of my wholesale customers for baby clothes have been literally chomping at the bit to find out who can supply the same products that I was supplying until recently. I gather from your calls […]

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  • Mum Tum Challenge Week 1 (01 May – 07 May 2016)

    Mum Tum Challenge Week 1

    The time to change my naughty ways has come so fast, and in the build up to the day that I am starting to change my exercise and eating habits I have inevitably gotten worse in the panic. The Mum Tum Challenge is nearly upon me and I find myself eating big packets of chips, […]

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  • Baby Competition May 2016

    Baby Competition May 2016

    So you’ve all been chomping at the bit for another baby competition? Well here it is mommies: Baby Competition May 2016! Here’s how it works, please read through the following terms and conditions carefully: Entries are accepted only via the entry form on this post, the form will be active until end of day 28 […]

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  • OMG, this Mum Tum has to GO!

    this mum tum has to go

    I hope you all had a great Easter holiday! I had a great one, but I found all those Easter eggs adding to this mum tum and it was the final straw for me. Being a naturally skinny person I now find myself with this flabby, stretch marked tummy and I am not impressed. Yes […]

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